Thursday, August 11, 2016

Do The Ends Justify The Means?

Just taking a break from the heat and thought I would share something that keeps crossing my mind.

How many people truly believe that the ends justify the means?  Some might argue that if the intended end is for the good, and the means are used out of a sense of trying to do what is right then it is OK.  Is it ever really OK?  What about when the means become worse than any wrong you think you are trying to right?  Who have you become now, The Slayer or The Monster?  What is the price that you are willing to sacrifice for the end result?  Your integrity?  Your compassion?  Your sense of right and wrong?
Getting in bed with the devil will always exact a heavy price! We are all born into this world naked and alone with nothing but our honor and our soul.  We leave this world with nothing but our honor and our soul.  Are there ever any means or ends that could possibly justify losing either?

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