Friday, August 5, 2016

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting August 3rd, 2016

On the agenda:
Special Orders -
1. Public Hearing - Flint River Dike begins at 3:12
2. Public Hearing - Sidewalk repairs begins at 7:00
Public Comments begin at 1:00:25
Comments by Township Supervisor Augie Tausend begin at 1:09:56
Unfinished Business -
1. Resolution R16-06, Flint River Dike - Designating special assessment district begins at 1:14:40
2. Resolution R16-05, Flint River Dike - Establishing hearing on special assessment roll begins at 1:16:01
New Business -
1. 2016 Sidewalk repairs/payback begins at 1:18:41
2. Resolution R16-07, Purchase offer of vacant Township property - 3255 Cardinal 09-11-5-08-2221-000 begins at 1:20:27
Board Member Comments begin at 1:24:10
Meeting ended by going into Closed Session - Pending litigation - McAlister vs Bridgeport Township
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I have missed being at the township board meetings!  I think Wednesday nights meeting was a good meeting.  The sidewalk repair issue does bring in a good crowd to the meetings.  The public hearing for the sidewalk repair issue lasted almost one hour.  The residents are able to get up and speak their mind, present their problems.  I like that the board takes the time to listen and respond back to the residents.  Hopefully everyone will work together and get it all done.

The other main item on the agenda was the Flint River Dike issue.  I will be totally honest here - I hate dikes.  I think they are an abomination of nature, but that is a subject for another day.  I am also sympathetic to those that choose to live along the river, especially the farmers.  Who doesn't remember the flood of 1986?  Just in case you don't here is an old news story from the Argus Press, April 4, 1986.  Click this link to read the story --  Some Losing Fight With River 
The purpose of Wednesday's hearing was  "for consideration of public improvement, and to tentatively designate a special assessment district.  The intention of the assessment will be for maintenance and repair of existing dikes and erosion control structures along the Flint River."
There will be another hearing on September 6th, 2016 for the Flint River Dike special assessment roll.

I usually mention that I hope those watching the videos will take time to listen to the board member comments at the end.  There were a lot of good comments made in this meeting, several times.  There was the public comment period starting at about 1 hour into the meeting.  Heather McLeod is running for Saginaw County Treasurer and introduced herself at the meeting.  The Principal of Bridgeport High School, Mr. Lagalo also spoke during the public comment period.  Augie Tausend made some comments after the public comment period.  Who really listens to the prayer said before the meetings?  I do, and I have heard some good things spoken then. Pastor Ron Sinclair said the prayer for this meeting and he mentioned something that came up other times during this meeting. We are neighbors, a community, living and growing together.  That is something that we all need to remember, we are a community and we need to work together.

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