Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bridgeport's Own Cass River Yacht Club

I attended Wednesday's DDA Board meeting and the lunch was being provided by Jill Thieme from the Cass River Yacht Club.  Today just happened to be my lucky day and several of the board members were unable to attend. There were several of those lunches left over and I was kind of like "I would be willing to try one and then I could write a review of their food".  I was going to include my review in the post about the board meeting, but after I ate that lunch, I thought that Jill and the Cass River Yacht Club and the magic fairies they must have working in the kitchen deserved their own blog post.

I will admit that I am probably one of the few people in this town that has never eaten at the Yacht Club.  Year after year I keep hearing everyone rave about the food there and I keep saying I am going to go try it out, but I never have.  Well after that lunch today, the Yacht Club has a new customer.

The lunch was a Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap.  It was outstanding!  The wrap is loaded with goodies and I don't know if it is just the combination of the ingredients or if they have some kind of secret ingredient in that wrap; but it is a must try! 
Also included with the lunch was their signature home made potato chips.  I had their chips once before.  They provided them for all the volunteers at last years Cass River Cleanup here in Bridgeport.   They are really good!
Also in the lunch was a muffin.  Now I will admit that I have a serious sweet tooth and muffins and cupcakes are two of my weaknesses.  This muffin had blueberries in it and it tasted like maybe it had also applesauce?  Or some kind of spice? It was very moist.   And I believe it was a cream cheese frosting.  I do know that it was delicious and that I would like the recipe for it.  That might cause some problems because I would end up making them too often and then I would end up putting on weight, but I swear I would try some self control if I could just get my hands on that recipe!

A member of my family went to a large meeting within the last year and each member was required to bring some food.  My family member got a take out order of the Yacht Clubs Chicken Noodle Soup for the meeting.  Everyone at that meeting just raved about the soup and there was not a single drop left after the meeting.  I have heard so many good reviews of their food.  I can't remember all the individual items people have talked about, but a few that I can remember are their burgers which are said to be the best you will ever try, and also their fish is supposed to be very good.

So this is my first official "food review".  I don't think I am quite ready for Bon Appetit magazine but I hope I have made my point here.  If you have never eaten at the Cass River Yacht Club - Give them a try, I don't think you will regret it!

They have a website where you can review their menus: Cass River Yacht Club
And they also have a Facebook page:

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