Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tell It Like It Is

Tell It Like It Is Lyrics - Aaron Neville 


Bridgeport School Board Personnel Committee Meeting April 17th, 2015

This meeting was held by the school board personnel committee.  The first 24 minutes was discussion of personnel matters like positions they will be posting openings for and one teacher that has received a less than effective evaluation.  They will recommend to the whole board to not renew this teachers’ contract. 

The discussion on a stipend contract for Mrs. Selby for all the hard work she has been doing as the acting superintendent was a long and at times somewhat tempestuous discussion.  The matter is still not resolved but appears to be moving forward.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bridgeport School Board Meeting April 13th, 2015

On the agenda:
- Student and Staff Recognitions and Building Reports begins at 0:40 in the video.
- Citizen Participation begins at 15:55
- Unfinished Business and/or Agenda Adjustments begins at 40:27
- Committee Reports begins at 46:20
- Check Register, Minutes, Personnel Report begins at 51:24
- Authorization To Approve The Acting Superintendent To Hear Expulsions begins at 52:10
- Acting Superintendent Stipend Discussion/Approval begins at 52:46
- Acting Superintendent's Update begins at 1:26:53
- Board and Superintendent Comments begins at 1:33:48
- The Resignation of the School Board President begins at 1:41:00 in the video.

There was so much covered in the meeting last night that I am not sure where to start.  I will say that I have not had much hope for the future of the Bridgeport School District.  I truly thought that someday it would go the way of the Buena Vista School District, taken over by the state and dissolved.  But as I am attending more of the school board meetings and seeing the staff, administration, board members, and even the public step up and take action, I have been thinking maybe there is a chance it can be saved.  Last night’s meeting was excellent and I finally believed that they will save the schools.  I want to say Thank You to everyone that is working hard to save and improve the Bridgeport Schools!

Congratulations to the teachers and students for their recognition awards!!  Mr. Lagalo mentioned that two of the student recipients, Mark Mohn-Young and Jason Pogue, had “wrapped” his entire office in Christmas paper.. Good Job Mark and Jason!!  I would love to see photos or a video of that feat.

During the citizen participation segment there were eight speakers.  First was Veronica Tucker with an update on the PTO group that meets the first Thursday of the month at the high school.  John Rhines spoke about some of the positive progress that has taken place and also about questions still unanswered about Superintendent Tom Hill, the mounting legal bills for the school district.  Kim Aspin from Thomas White Elementary School had updates and questions.  Glenn Chaney spoke about CEO Energy.  Rosa Williams had an update on the issue with Coach Anwar Jackson.  Cynthia Cruz-Weaver gave an update on the robotic team and the good job they did.  Larry Brown gave some updates and talked about serious needs and issues the schools still face.  Julie Licavoli from Martin Adkins School brought a petition signed by teachers concerning I believe any replacement superintendent that may be hired.

There was an item added to the agenda concerning some pending unfair labor practices complaints.
There were committee reports from the Building & Grounds, Finance and Curriculum committees.

There was a long discussion concerning the acting superintendent stipend contract.  The school attorney Ann VanderLaan spoke about the contract for acting superintendent Carol Selby and some discussion about the status of Tom Hill. Listening to the discussion about Tom Hill, his sick leave status, contract allowance for sick leave and his continued payments was like watching “Who’s On First” again.  I may love that comedy routine but do not expect to see it during the school board meetings.
One thing I have noticed during the meetings is the support from so many staff members and parents for Carol Selby and the job she has been doing as the acting superintendent.  Carol Selby deserves to be compensated for the job she is doing as acting superintendent. 

The meeting ends with the acting superintendent updates and board member comments.

Coming Soon, Maybe

YouTube is Great!  It provides a means for anyone to share and watch video worldwide for free, but if it gets any slower I will lose my mind!!
In the past year it seems that the upload speed and processing speed has more than doubled for me when I am uploading the Bridgeport Township meetings.  I have a excellent Bridgeport School Board Meeting from Monday April 13th.  I started uploading it last night just before 10pm and it took approximately 8 hours to upload.  It is now in the "processing" stage, which is currently at "0 %" processed with this message posted - "This is taking longer than expected. Your video has been queued and will be processed as soon as possible"
Hopefully I will have the meeting ready to view on YouTube in the next several hours and then sometime today I will have it here on this blog.