Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting August 8th, 2016

On the agenda:
- Intermediate School District (ISD) Presentation Regarding Lease Agreement begins at 0:40
- Motion and vote to approve the ISD Building Lease Agreement begins at 30:40
- There were no speakers for the citizen participation segment.
- Agenda Adjustments begin at 31:56
- Atkins Elementary Quarterly Report begins at 33:37
- Priority School Update begins at 1:19:03
- Consent Agenda: payment of bills, board report, minutes begins at 1:42:04
- Treasury Update begins at 1:47:15
- Discussion of community service and the athletic program begins at 1:49:35
- Board And Superintendent Comments begin at 1:57:35
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Wednesday August 10th:  Sorry it has taken me two days to get back here to write the blog post.

What is the main thing I took away from Monday's school board meeting?  POSITIVE AND MORE POSITIVE!  It was a long meeting but I think it was good.

First up on the agenda was Kathy Stewart from the ISD to discuss their students in the "Challenging Behaviors Program" and the lease of classroom space from the Bridgeport Spaulding School District for these students.  It was a good discussion and it sounds like a win-win for everyone involved, especially the students in the program.  I hope everyone will take the time to listen to it.  I was happy to see the board members vote to approve this lease agreement.

Next up was the Atkins Elementary Quarterly Report from Mrs. Duran.  I will admit that most of this information was way over my head but it did sound very positive.  I believe the school is going in the right direction and I applaud everyone that is working hard to make it happen!!  This was a long discussion, full of a lot of information, and I hope everyone will take the time to listen to it all.

Next was the Priority School Update by Mark Whelton.  Another good discussion full of a lot of positive information.  Please take the time to listen to it.

Treasury update - Positive
Community Service and Athletic Program Discussion - Positive

Some may think I sound like a drunken parrot cackling Positive over and over --  but I really do think this whole meeting was very positive!  One of the things I really liked was all the discussion, questions and answers back and forth between the board members and the speakers.  School staff members joining in the discussion from the audience.  The public really misses out when they don't attend these meetings.  Hopefully they will take the time to watch it all.

Another thing that I think can be viewed in this meeting is how all the different people working together can really make a change.  Each person brings a little different perspective to the mix, a different approach to the problems.  And instead of  the differences clashing, they truly help to enhance it all, to bring it all together to make it work!
That is why I am sorry to see Larry Long leaving the school board.    Larry was an integral part of the whole.  I felt he was a balancing part of the whole.  I think he had a lot to offer to this board and district.  I saw the frustration at times that he felt and that is too bad that it had to happen.
If everyone on this school board or any other public body were all just clones or zombies walking lock step to one drummer, there wouldn't be a need for a full board, just the one drummer calling the shots.  But this is not and should never be how public bodies function.  Each member of a public body brings something different, something unique to the mix. Every opinion and approach from the various members should be as valued and respected as every other one of the members.  It is that joining of different ideas that can make things happen!!

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