Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bridgeport School Board Meeting January 11th, 2016

On the agenda:
- Moment Of Silence for Tom Kelly and Michael Gall begins at 0:39
- Unfinished Business and/or Agenda Adjustments begins at 2:05
- Election Of School Board Positions begins at 3:09
- Set Date And Time For 2016 Board Meetings begins at 22:20
- Approval Of Annual Compensation For Board Members begins at 23:16
- Appointment Of Delegates begins at 26:47
- Approval Of Consent Agenda Items begins at 38:35
- Appointment Of Auditor begins at 45:30
- Discussion Of Marvin Morris School Board Scholarship begins at 46:34
- Accept The Agenda As Amended begins at 52:20
- Approval Of Check Register, Minutes, Personnel Report begins at 53:39
- Legal Counsel Discussion begins at 1:01:05
- Discussion Of Board Members Retreat begins at 1:07:07
- Board And Superintendent Comments begin at 1:09:06
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Pat Nelson is the new School Board President, Robert Lange is the new School Board Vice President, Tedi Morris is the new School Board Secretary, Larry Long is again the School Board Treasurer.  Finally Carol Selby is now called Superintendent Selby!  Mr. Lagalo is the new Bridgeport High School Principal.  Congratulations to all of them!!

The meeting started with a moment for silence for Tom Kelly and Michael Gall.  There was another member of the Bridgeport Schools community that also passed away recently, Tammy Crandall.  My condolences to their families and friends.  I have heard many wonderful things about these people and what a loss it is for the Bridgeport community. 

The meeting was over one hour long with a lot of business details and discussion.  They did set the dates and time for the 2016 board meetings, it will be the second Monday of the month at 6pm.  If they post a calendar like they did for 2015 I will share that here on the blog and Facebook.  They approved the annual compensation for the school board members.  I really have no problem with them receiving $20 per meeting with a limit of $600 per year, but I was impressed with what Tedi Morris said about it.  The money doesn't mean anything to her but serving is priceless. 

There was a lot of good discussion during the meeting and Superintendent Selby's comments at the end are usually full of good information.  If you really want to get to know your school board members, listen to what they say.  Attending the meetings is a great way to learn about the members and everything that is going on.  If you can't attend then at least listen to the full meeting here on the videos.  There will be an election coming in May and hopefully people will take the time to get to know all candidates and make informed decisions.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Look Of Change

I believe that when things aren't going well, it is time for a change.  Change can be a very good thing!  Not everyone likes change though, some like to hang onto the old ways.  Resentment to change can often be seen in someones eyes........

David Bowie - Changes

 Rodney Crowell - If Looks Could Kill 

Heart- If Looks Could Kill 

Pandemonium - Look Of Death 


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting January 5th, 2016

On the agenda:
Public Comment begins at 2:08
Accounts Payable begins at 8:35
Board Member Comments begin at 10:13
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It was a short meeting tonight.  There were three speakers during the public comment period.
First up was Larry Ford from the Birch Run/Bridgeport Chamber Of Commerce with some updates for the communities.  The "Best Of" Awards dinner and ceremony for the Chamber will be held on February 17th at the Candlelight Banquet Center.  I attended last year and can tell you it is a very nice event and I look forward to going this year.  A Bridgeport resident spoke about how beautiful the flowers were this year  and also the holiday lights at the historic bridge.  I agree with her 100%.  She also talked about having a signal installed at the corner at the corner of Dixie and State/Baker Rd for pedestrians to cross there at the intersection.  Another resident spoke to say Thank You to the Bridgeport Police Department for their quick response and recovery of items that were stolen from his business.
During the board member comments Augie Tausend spoke about new meters that Consumers Energy will be installing in the township in 2016.  They are called Smart Meters.  I have been reading for several years some controversy surrounding the meters.  Some of the talk is pretty far out there in left field but some people seem to have normal arguments against them  I will try to round up all the pro's and con's involving the discussion.  Can't promise to get it done right away though because I have some family obligations right now that take first priority in my life.

Here is a informational brochure that was provided by Consumers.  Click on the photo to see a larger image.

January Meetings in Bridgeport Township

The Bridgeport Township Trustee Board Meeting will be held on January 5th at 6pm at the Governmental Center offices.

The DDA Board Meeting should be on January 13th at Noon at the Governmental Center offices.

The Bridgeport School Board has not posted a updated schedule for the 2016 meeting schedule but I believe there is to be a meeting held on January 11th at 6pm at the Bridgeport High School.

I still have some family situations ongoing right now that may keep me from making it to these meetings but I am going to try to go and record them.