Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bridgeport Township DDA Board Meeting September 10th, 2014

Discussed at today's meeting:
Under New Business -
1. Beautification Meeting Update which begins about 2:30 in the video.
Under Old Business -
1. Canoe Launch begins at 23:38 in the video.
2. Public Meeting Update - 4422 Williamson property begins at 38:12 in the video.
3. I-75 Billboard Update begins at 53:10 in the video.
4. 2015 Budget begins at 56:18 in the video.
5. DDA Sidewalks begins at 58:20 in the video.

DDA Coordinator's Report begins at 1:15:48 in the video.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Special Meeting Of The Bridgeport Township DDA Board, September 3rd, 2014

This was a special meeting open to the public to discuss future development plans for a parcel of property in downtown Bridgeport next to the Historic State Street Bridge that is owned by the DDA Board.  The property was at one time the Bridgeport Oil and Gas Station, most recently it was the
B & S Heating and Cooling building.
Carl Hamann and Steve Dobis, the DDA Coordinator,  gave a presentation to some of the DDA board members and other Bridgeport Township Employees.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting September 2nd, 2014

Items discussed at tonight's meeting were:
First up were a few members of the community speaking about the sidewalk repairs during the public comment period. There was also a brief discussion/explanation about the sidewalk repairs. Begins at about 2:30 in the video.

Under New Business:
1. R-14-3 Revising Grant Application - Canoe/Kayak Launch begins at 15:30 in the video.
2. Township Committed Funds - Canoe/Kayak Launch begins at 17:20 in the video.
3. Sidewalks - Agnew Construction begins at 19:35 in the video.
4. Halloween Hours begins at 22:25 in the video.
5. Deputy Clerk Resignation begins at 23:33 in the video.
6. New Deputy Clerk Appointment begins at 24:50 in the video.

Closing comments by board members begins at 29:12 in the video.

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting August 6th, 2014

Items discussed at the meeting were:
First was that the public hearing for the Public Safety Special Assessment for the Police and Fire Departments has been moved to November 17th.

Under Special Orders - Public Hearing for Sidewalk Repairs starts at 4:25 in the video. The hearing lasts about 44 minutes with many good questions, discussions, suggestions, interaction by both the residents and the township.

Public Comment starts at 48:36 in the video. Saginaw County Commissioner Cheryl Hadsall spoke.

Committee Reports from the Building and Grounds Commission is at 52:35 in the video.

Under New Business:
1. Parks and Recreation Report by the Parks and Recreation Director Bill Wheeler starts at 53:25
2. Townline Road Project - Blackmar to I-75 starts at 01:00:36
3. Sidewalk Repairs starts at 01:04:40 in the video. There was also more public input on the subject that lasts about 40 minutes.
4. Bids on 2000 Chevrolet Malibu starts at 01:40:05
5. Ballot Language Proposal - Public Safety - Police starts at 01:40:45
6. Ballot Language Proposal - Public Safety - Fire starts at 01:43:00
There are closing comments by Manager Rose Licht and the Township Board members, these start at