Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting November 13th, 2017

I was able to attend Monday nights school board meeting and have the video here.  Sorry this is in 3 parts and I have not had the time to write the breakdown of when each agenda item starts at in the videos.  My video editing program refused to work with me last night so that is why it is in 3 parts.

The items on last nights meeting agenda were:
- Building & Grounds/Finance Committee Report
- Football Presentation with Coach Marshall and some of our Bearcats
- Middle School & High School Data Presentation.  You will hear from John Lagalo, Steve Baker and Jon Chapman
-  Discussion of the Career Technical Education (CTE) in Saginaw County.  This is a plan being put forth by the ISD.
- Board And Superintendent Comments

It was a good and informative meeting.  There will be another board meeting on Monday, November 27th.  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting August 14th, 2017

On the agenda:
- Student Growth Review begins at 1:17
- Blue Print Review begins at 22:41
- Blue Print Resolution And Discussion begins at 40:50
- High School Student Handbook Discussion begins at 47:23
- Consent Agenda begins at 56:46
- November 7, 2017 Special Election - Sinking Fund Resolution Discussion And Adoption begins at 1:01:01
- Emergency Seclusion And Restraint Policy Discussion And Adoption begins at 1:03:58
- Back To School Fun Fest begins at 1:09:32
- Board And Superintendent Comments begin at 1:13:44
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I shared this meeting video back in August on my Facebook page but never got it posted here on the blog. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Being A Team Player Redux

I originally posted this back in 2016 and thought it was worth sharing again.  If people would open their eyes, it would be easier to see the backstabbers.  There seems to be one in every team or group.

From October 2016:

"Most people think of sports teams when you talk about a team player but it also applies to any work setting, organizations, families, and society as a whole.  What is teamwork?  In the words of Vince Lombardi: "Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work."

What behaviors or characteristics make for a bad team player?  Here are a few that I can think of.

- A team member that shares confidential or sensitive information about other members of their team or situations going on within the team with someone that is not part of the team.  Especially if the goal for doing so is to undermine another member of the team.
- A team member that either cannot or makes no effort to hide their dislike of or frustrations with other members of the team.  When the disharmony becomes obvious to the public, perhaps it is time for that team member to step aside.
- A team member that would rather push aside, ignore, or drive out other team members instead of making the effort to get all members working together as a whole for the betterment of the organization.  Working together as a team requires dedication to the cause, if you can't step up to the task or are not willing to, then maybe you should not be a member of that team.

When looking for new members of a team, these are some characteristics in people that you may want to avoid.

- A person that thinks they are better or smarter than others. A braggart.  Know it all's and braggarts tend to never make good team players, they are a one man show, grandstanders.  If they do become part of a team, they most likely will never be content until they are the top dog, the one running the show.  And they tend to step on anyone who stands in their way.  Know it all's also tend to be some of the dumbest people in the world.  Braggarts also tend to exaggerate the truth especially about themselves.
- A person that says things about others like "We can't control him" or "He doesn't see things our way".  Also things like "I think we have him under control now" and "I think he is seeing things our way now".   Those are not the words of a team player, they are the words of a controlling person that will never be able to work together as a equal with others in a team setting.  It will always be their way or the highway.
-  A person that makes accusations against other people with no facts to back up the accusations, only speculation.  Maybe the basis for the allegations lies within their own goals?  What was their true goal?  If they are willing to make accusations against others with no proof, what will happen when they become part of a team?  Will they continue their ranting, grandstanding, accusation slinging ways within the team?
- A person that inflicts harm on others and then revels in watching their suffering.  Revels to the point that they brag about it to others and want others to join in the revelry in watching another suffer. 
- A person that will not admit when they are wrong or apologize for their actions that harmed others.
- A person that wants to be a team player, part of an organization, should be happy for any successes or benefits that come to the organization.  If they belittle or ignore any good events that benefit the entire organization, then it would appear that they don't really care about the betterment of the organization.  Is it  due to petty dislikes or petty jealousies? Is it because they are not the ones who will get the credit? 
- A person that belittles another's accomplishments or successes in any situation.  Petty shallow people never make good team players.
- A person that will participate in underhanded, backstabbing, backdoor dealing, ethic violating ways with a goal to undermine and destroy others that are members of a team. If they are willing to do those things from outside the team, imagine what they will do if they ever actually become part of the team?  Team members should be very wary of people like this!!
- A person that sees their own glory, their imaginary fame, rather than the truth about a situation as the main goal or result of their actions.  EX: "My video will go viral"  "I'm going to be on all the national news shows"
- A person that is dishonest.  A person that lacks morals and conscience.  A person that shows no remorse whatsoever for wrongs they have committed.  A person that shows no understanding, no empathy, no compassion towards others."

So Keep Your Eyes Open And They Won't Be Able To Back Stab You!! 

I Can See For Miles And Miles

Monday's Musings courtesy of The Who:

I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise
I know that you have 'cause there's magic in my eyes

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

If you think that I don't know about the little tricks you play
And never see you when deliberately you put things in my way

Well, here's a poke at you
You're gonna choke on it too
You're gonna lose that smile
Because all the while

I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

You took advantage of my trust in you when I was so far away
I saw you holding lots of other guys and now you've got the nerve to say

That you still want me
Well, that's as may be
But you gotta stand trial
Because all the while

I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise
I know that you have 'cause there's magic in my eyes

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

The Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal are mine to see on clear days
You thought that I would need a crystal ball to see right through the haze

Well, here's a poke at you
You're gonna choke on it too
You're gonna lose that smile
Beacuse all the while

I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles 
and miles and miles and miles and miles 

I can see for miles and miles x9

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting May 8th, 2017

On the agenda:
- Agenda Adjustments begins at 0:43
- Building & Grounds/Finance Committee Report and Action begins at 8:36
- Personnel Committee Report and Action begins at 14:59
- Consent Agenda begins at 21:12
- ISD Board Election Discussion begins at 22:04
- Discussion Of Sinking Fund Proposal begins at 25:40
- Board And Superintendent Comments begin at 37:42
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Results From The May 2nd Bridgeport Spaulding School District Millage Elections

The good news from the May 2nd election is that the 18 mill renewal operating expense millage did pass by a vote of 717 Yes votes to 385 No votes.  Sadly the 3 mill sinking fund proposal failed.  The vote was 532 Yes to 570 No.  I am not sure why the sinking fund lost by just 38 votes.  Are people just tired of all the taxes they have to pay and thought this was unnecessary?  The sinking fund proposal wasn't an extravagant wish list, it was for needed repairs and upgrades.  I was looking at the unofficial precinct reports from the Saginaw County website and found the results interesting.  The 18 mill proposal passed in all 5 of the Bridgeport precincts and both of Buena Vista's precincts.  The sinking fund proposal passed in both of Buena Vista's precincts and 3 of the 5 Bridgeport precincts, but lost in Bridgeport precincts 3 & 5.  The most surprising result was from Spaulding Township.  They have 1 precinct and that precinct voted down both proposals.
I know it is not unusual to have a low voter turnout on special elections that just have local items on the ballot but it was sad to see how low that turnout was here.  The Bridgeport Spualding School District will try again this fall to pass the 3 mill Sinking Fund proposal.  Hopefully they will be able to get the word out to help inform the public and get it passed this year.

Here are the precinct results for anyone that may be interested in seeing how the vote went.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting May 3rd, 2017

On the agenda:
- Public Comment begins at 4:10
Unfinished Business -
- Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) begins at 9:13
New Business -
- R17-07 Mid Michigan Waste Authority Amended & Restated Resolution begins at 15:07
- Tatham Rd. Water Main Project - Bids begins at 16:53
- Job Description - On call Incident Support begins at 18:31
- Township Attorney List begins at 19:38
- Board Member Comments begin at 21:24
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For those that do not attend these meetings and don't watch the full video, the meetings are always started with a prayer from one of our local pastors.  I find them usually insightful and inspiring and hope people take the time to listen.  I only list the starting times for the agenda items in these videos that I think the public would be most interested in listening to, but I hope that the public will take the time to listen to the full meetings.
First up was a speaker during the public comment period that was in favor of medical marijuana and facilities.  He spoke about what he feels are the benefits of this but he did not mention the crime that it brings into the communities.  There is a lot that could be discussed about medical marijuana and the benefits or problems that go along with it all, but I am not going to get into that on my blog.
The Township Supervisor discussed their reasons for not approving the licensing of facilities etc... during the vote on the MMFLA.  He does have a valid point in that the law here in Michigan was poorly written and implemented, and it all is still being litigated in the courts at the taxpayers expense.  They should be publishing the full ordinance on their website.  If anyone is interested in reading it you can check there or contact the township offices.  https://www.bridgeportmi.org/
Township Manager Rose Licht always has updates and information on things going on in the township during the board member comments at the end of the meetings.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting April 24th, 2017

On the agenda:
- Citizen Participation begins at 0:33
- Agenda Adjustments begins at 3:03
- MDE Partnership Agreement Discussion begins at 4:52
- Discussion of the Superintendents Evaluation begins at 1:04:21
- Board and Superintendent Comments begin at 1:07:29
© 2017 Carla Citizen All Rights Reserved

Sorry I am so late in posting this meeting.  I was planning on reviewing the full discussion on the partnership agreement with the Michigan Department of Education before writing my blog post, but I have not gotten that done.  It was an hour long and very informative discussion and is worth the time to listen to.
Just a reminder that if you are looking for a meeting video and it is not up on my blog here yet, look on my YouTube account - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9CDuA3sJJPg8uWmmwZHLKA/feed
or on my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/citizencarla/

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some Thoughts On The May 2nd Special Election For Bridgeport Spaulding School District

I am getting some feedback about what people are saying about this election on May 2nd, how they are planning on voting, and I feel the need to address these things.

First thing I noticed is that there is a lot of misinformation being shared out there about these two ballot proposals so I put together all the information I could find into one post and shared that here on my blog.   You can see it all in this post - Information For May 2nd 2017 Ballot Proposals For Bridgeport Spaulding School District 

It is the responsibility of every voter to inform yourself of the facts about this issue, and any other issue.  Don't just listen to what other people may be saying, get the facts yourself.  The information is out there and if you have any questions about it you could probably contact someone within the school district to help clarify it.
Here is some of the misinformation I have been hearing from people:
- They are lying when they say these are not tax increases....
- They are lying when they say these are not new taxes....
- Bridgeport screwed up something when the students came from Buena Vista so that is why they are having to pass these proposals now....
- What they are saying about these proposals aren't the same as what is on the ballot....
So lets address these comments - The 18 mill non-homestead levy is just a renewal of the existing millage that has been approved by the voters in the past and has been in place for years and years.  It is the same exact amount as before.  It is not new and is not an increase.  The only connection this has to the students from the former Buena Vista school district is that the areas in Buena Vista that have been absorbed into the Bridgeport Spaulding school district will now also vote on this issue.  The 3 mill sinking fund proposal is to replace the 6 mill levy that was in place and has now expired.  This money will only be used for repairs and upgrades.  You can view the video that was made about the 3 mill levy here - Bridgeport Sinking Fund   I have looked at a sample ballot for the election on the Michigan Secretary of State website and I see no difference between what the information sheets say about the two proposals and what is on the ballot.  You can view the ballot here - https://webapps.sos.state.mi.us/MVIC/selectpublicballot.aspx

If you plan on supporting these two proposals, please don't just assume that they will pass with no problem.  Share the information in my post above and help inform other voters.  And please make the effort to get out and vote YES on May 2nd because every vote will matter!!

Now I want to address some of the negative feedback I am hearing on why some people are planning on voting no on these two proposals.  Some of it is truly trying my patience and boggling my mind!!

First we have the regular naysayers, the Debbie Downers, the people that complain about everything and will just vote no based not on the actual information but just what their friends are saying about these proposals.  Maybe it makes them feel empowered to vote no?  Sticking it to the man?  I truly don't understand their thinking and behavior.  All I can say is that maybe they need to get some Valium and get a life!!

It is some of the other negative things I am hearing out there that I find very disheartening. I guess I will start with the thinking by some that they will never vote for these two proposals as long as so and so is employed in this district.  So if they are not happy with one or more people in this district, if they are not happy about the way they think things are being run, then they will vote down these proposals.  First I have to ask if their thinking is based on true facts or rumors?  Rumors, gossip, speculation and accusations can be a dangerous thing and people love to spread it all around.  Again I have to wonder if by doing that makes them feel empowered?   People need to also remember that there are two sides to every story, actually there are three sides to every story - Your side, Their side, and the truth that usually lies somewhere in the middle.
I don't like some things I "think" are going on in our district, I would like to see some people long gone from our district, BUT I will never vote no on these proposals just to try and hurt one or more people.  Who would really be hurt by voting down these proposals?  The students and their futures, the school district, and yes even Bridgeport Township would be hurt.  People need to think long and hard about who would be hurt the most by a no vote and what the far reaching consequences of that vote would mean.  Are you really willing to hurt the students and district just to hurt one or more people in this district?  I beg you to think long and hard before you vote no.  My conscience will not allow me to vote no and I pray that others will not also.

Some of the other negative feedback I am hearing is things like "they waste money".  Do you know that for a fact?  I don't.  Most of the information pertaining to the school district is open to the public.  I am not sure how much of the financial information is open but if you have concerns then seek out answers.  Contact someone in the district and ask questions.  Attend the school board meetings where you can publicly raise your concerns and the committee meetings.  I missed two committee meetings this month, a personnel committee meeting and a finance committee meeting.  These meetings can be very informative so I am sorry that I missed them.  The public also has the option to request information through the Freedom Of Information Act.  Use that right.  I don't have the time to attend all the meetings or to request documents, information etc...  Even if I did, I honestly would not understand it all and am not qualified to make a judgement on it all.  So please seek out answers to any concerns you have and base your vote on the facts, not rumors.
Other concerns I have heard is that people don't think they are being honest about the needed repairs and upgrades, feel that they don't need new bleachers.  I think the video for the 3 mill levy shows honestly some of the needed repairs, but I suspect it doesn't show all of them.  If you have concerns, then contact someone in the district and take a look for yourself.  Ask people who work there everyday what is truly needed.  As for the bleachers at the high school, yes money has been raised in the past and I believe the visitor side bleachers have been replaced, volunteers have also donated materials and labor to make some needed repairs on the main bleachers and paint them.  But does that mean then that they don't need to replace them?  I don't know exactly what their reasons are for that or exactly what their plans are.  Are they maybe planning on replacing the old wood bleachers that will always need more and more maintenance with new aluminum bleachers?  If you have concerns about that then just ask someone in the district that would be able to give you the answers.

So to any Bridgeport School District resident that has questions or concerns, please seek out answers, seek out the truth.  Get involved, volunteer your time, donate money.  The Bridgeport Schools have a lot of needs and the community could really step up and help them.  The Bridgeport Community Church has their sign out in front of the church and they recently had a message on there that said something like "The Bridgeport Schools Support Our Community" and on the other side of the sign the message was "The Bridgeport Community Supports Our Schools".  I am hoping that on May 2nd the Bridgeport community will come out and show that support by voting yes for these two proposals!!