Monday, February 13, 2017

Bridgeport Township DDA Board Meeting February 8th, 2017

On the Agenda:
Introduction of Birch Run/Bridgeport Chamber members begins at 2:05
Public Comment begins at 3:15
New Business -
- Saginaw Future discussion begins at 4:33
- DDA Meeting Schedule begins at 6:46
- Knights Inn discussion begins at 10:01
- Streetscape opportunities discussion begins at 11:55
Old Business -
- DDA Coordinator's Schedule begins at 14:55
- Carpenter's Plaza update begins at 16:16
- Best of the Best Awards begins at 18:11
DDA Coordinator's Report begins at 20:18
DDA Board Member comments begin at 27:43
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The meeting starts with the introduction of Ted Valley and Jaeleen Davis from the Birch Run/Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce.Ted Valley is the President and CEO of the chamber and Jaeleen Davis is the Vice President.  I think they will end up being called the Dynamic Duo.  During the public comment period Jaeleen spoke about the upcoming Best of Awards dinner and award ceremony being held on February 16th.
There was some information about the townships partnership with Saginaw Future and some of the benefits we receive from them.
There has been a purchase agreement placed on the Knight's Inn here in Bridgeport.  Hoepfully that works out and the business will be back open fully.
The beautification committee meeting had discussed looking into Streetscape opportunities in the future here for Bridgeport.  Those ideas sound good and hopefully that is something that we will see in the future.
Carpenter's Plaza is looking really good.  The demolition is complete now and the property is cleaned up.  In one way I hate to see those buildings go because they were a fond part of my childhood.  I loved going to the IGA with my mother and shopping there.  You knew almost all the other members of the community and it was like a community gathering whenever you went.  Two of my favorite memories are the Faygo Black Cherry Soda I would get there and the new soft rubber kick ball I got every year there.  I waited every year for them to put up that huge rack that held all the balls and then picking out my new ball.  Hoffman Drugstore was also nice, they had a nice lunch counter.  Again it was a community gathering there. That was all back in the days when you greeted all your neighbors and everyone helped each other out.  Back in the old days.   Same thing with the laundromat.  So part of me is sad to see those buildings go, but it was time and it looks very nice now.  Hopefully we will see something nice go in there in the future.
DDA Coordinator Steve Dobis gave updates on the two beautiful "Rock" areas here in Bridgeport.  I do love those two areas. Also some updates on other landscaping maintenance areas here in Bridgeport and thanked the community members who sponsor these areas.
The gorgeous flower pots will be back this year.  They should be out during the week around Memorial Day.
The next DDA Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 8th.

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