Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Special Meeting January 30th, 2017

This was a special meeting for the school board. Deb Macon from the MASB provided training on how school boards are to do the yearly Superintendent evaluations.
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Sorry it has taken me so long to get this video uploaded.  The meeting is 3 hours long so it takes a very long time to upload to YouTube.  I started uploading it on Monday evening and after over 24 hrs of uploading, it crashed and burned.  So I started uploading it for the 2nd time on Wednesday morning.  After 34 hrs it was successfully uploaded and processed for viewing on YouTube.
This meeting was just the training session, no other school board business.  My battery finally died about 1 minute before the MASB trainer was finished.  There was just school board member closing comments after that.  Carol Selby did give some updates on how they are working with the School Reform Office to provide them with the information they are requesting.
* I almost forgot to add the information and link to the MASB website.  They have an excellent website with lots of information.  Their main page is  
and the link to the section for the Superintendent evaluation can be found at 

I feel the need to add some information here because of a comment that was made during the training session.  I am no videographer or skilled in editing videos.  That should be very obvious by my videos that I post.  I also don't alter these videos in any way.  There were only two videos that may be considered altered.  There was a Finance Committee meeting back in early 2016.  They are not supposed to discuss  student or staff names publicly but there were names mentioned in this one.  At the request of the Superintendent I tried to edit out the 1 or 2 minute section when the names were mentioned.  But I failed, I ended up with only that small section that I was trying to edit out.  Luckily I was able to undo my failed edit and leave the whole video intact.  I changed the privacy setting on the video from public to private so it could not be viewed and was going to go back another day and try again to just edit out the names.  I never have tried to edit it again, but I have now gone back and made the video public again.  So anyone can view it now, names and all.
There was another regular board meeting back in the fall of 2016.  It was another workshop training session by Deb Macon from the MASB.  I didn't stay for the entire workshop and I really didn't figure that anyone would be interested in watching half of the workshop so I was able to edit that one to cut out the workshop part.  I mentioned in the blog post that I had not uploaded the full video with the workshop included.  I had learned from my almost disastrous failed attempt at editing the other video to first make a copy of the video.  So I do have the original video with part of the workshop included.  If there is anyone that would like to view it, just let me know and I will upload it and post it.
Viewers will notice "breaks" in some of the longer videos.  That is due to me having to change the camera battery.  I used to always note that at "1:45:30" in the video that you will see a break due to my changing the camera battery, but I have gotten lazy and have not been mentioning that.  I figured that anyone that has been watching these videos for any amount of time would figure that out by now.  But I will go back to doing that again.  I can't always find the exact point where the break is, but I will try.  Viewers will also notice "breaks" in the videos when the board does things like go into closed sessions.  Or in this meeting, they took a short break because the meeting was so long.  The breaks come from me turning the camera off and then back on when they return to the meetings.  I don't usually mention the time period that it happens because it should be obvious why there is a break there.  Now I borrowed a new camera from someone to tape this meeting.  It is higher quality and has a much longer battery life, but I had no familiarity with this new camera.  I don't know why but I ended up with 7 different video segments instead of the one continuous video that the other camera always gave me.  I am "assuming" all the segments are there, but I haven't actually watched the entire 3 hr video to be sure.  I had to combine those 7 segments to make them all one video.   That took over two hours.  I have watched different sections to see if there is a visible break, but I couldn't find any.

I can't promise that I will make it to every school board or township board meeting.  When I think about the school board, I don't even want to go to those meetings. But there have been enough people contacting me and encouraging me to continue, so I will be going. The school did hold a town hall type forum to discuss Atkins Elementary but I was not aware of the meeting so I missed it.  They may be holding another town hall type forum in the future and I will attend and share the video.  I would like everyone to have the accurate information about everything that is going on rather than the hysteria and misinformation that I have seen being posted online on social media.

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