Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Building & Grounds/Finance Committee Meeting February 27th, 2017

- Meeting starts with some discussion of the option they are looking at of consolidating Thomas White Elementary with Atkins Elementary and Middle School.
- Discussion about the damage from the printer fire at Atkins begins at 7:55
- More discussion about the possible consolidation of Thomas White and Atkins starts at 15:42
- Discussion of maintenance and repairs for the high school buildings and other school properties including the old grade school/Administration building begins at 18:53
- Discussion of projected budget for 2017/18, including discussion of the BEA contract and custodial work begins at 37:40
- Discussion of the two ballot proposals begins at 52:40
- More discussion of the proposal for Thomas White and Atkins consolidation focusing on the academic and other issues begins at 57:20
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Sorry about the volume with the video.  Someday I will invest in a external microphone to help pick up the audio, until then you will need to turn your volume all the way up.
It was a very informative meeting.  I don't think the general public truly understands all the many factors that are involved in the running of our school district.  Hopefully people will watch these committee meetings and understand the kind of decisions that the administration and board members have to make.

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