Friday, February 10, 2017

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting February 7th, 2017

On the agenda:
Public Comment begins at 4:33 (Presentation by Bridgeport Spaulding School Superintendent)
New Business -
- Resolution R17-04 Michigan Municipal Executives begins at 17:49
- Town Board Meeting Schedule for May 2017 begins at 22:23
- Fire Department Service Awards begin at 23:46
- Firefighter of the Year Award begins at 25:27
- Police Department Officer of the Year Award begins at 26:38
- Township Employee of the Year Award begins at 28:09
- Police Officer Oath of Office - Jeffrey Madaj begins at 31:06
- Police Officer Oath of Office - Daniel Hernandez begins at 33:37
- St. Matthews Walk for Hunger begins at 36:28
- Renters Deposit forum meetings begins at 37:56
Board Member Comments begin at 41:22

The meeting started out with a presentation during the public comment period by Carol Selby Superintendent of the Bridgeport Spaulding School District and Pete Basile the Chief Financial Officer for the school district.  Carol Selby gave a update on where they are concerning Atkins Elementary and their Priority School Status, and the work they are doing with the states School Reform Office.  She also gave the board members several handouts that have been sent to the parents of Atkins students.  I will share them in a separate blog post because I want to dedicate one entire post to all the latest updates concerning the schools.
Pete Basile talked about the tax proposals that will be on the ballot for a special election on May 2nd.  One is the renewal of the 18 mill non-homestead tax for the schools.  This is not a new tax, just a renewal of 10 year tax that has already been on the books.  This renewal will now also include properties from Buena Vista Township that have been absorbed into the Bridgeport Spaulding School District.  This tax renewal is only on Non-Homestead properties.  There was also a 6 mill Debt tax that has been on the books but that will now expire I believe and will be replaced by a new 3 mill Safety Fund tax instead that will be for repairs and upgrades etc....  So it will actually be a decrease in your total tax amount going forward.  He says that the Bridgeport Schools are scheduled to be out of the deficit this June for the first time in 7 years.  I know they have been working hard on achieving that and it is critical for the future of our school district.  The future of our school district really depends on the passage of this 18 mill renewal and the 3 mills.  This is for the future of our children, our school district and our township so I am hoping that the Bridgeport residents will come out and VOTE YES on May 2nd.
Also because of the special election being held on May 2nd, the regular township trustee meeting for May has been moved to May 3rd.  I should also add that special elections are usually paid for by the townships, but the state has allocated special funds for this election so it will not cost Bridgeport any money.

Jaeleen Davis, the Vice President of the Birch Run/Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce also introduced herself during the public comment period and shared information about the upcoming Best of Awards Dinner and Awards that will be held on Thursday, February 16th at Candlelight Banquet Center here in Bridgeport.

There were awards presented by the Bridgeport Fire Department and the Bridgeport Police Department.  First up were service awards for the fire department employees.  Fire Fighter Kyle Kalnbach for 15 years of service, Fire Fighter Jason Leidel and Fire Department Captain Ron Boensch for 20 years of service, and Fire Chief Pat Nelson for 25 years of service.  Captain Ron Boensch was also recognized as the Fire Fighter of the Year. **The fire department is also looking for more volunteer fire fighters.
Also Bridgeport Police Officer Dennis Howe was honored as the Officer of the Year.  And Bridgeport Township employee Chris Cramer was honored as Employee of the Year.
Congratulations and Thank You to all the award recipients!!
Also Welcome to the two newest Bridgeport Police Department officers that were sworn in:  Jeffrey Madaj and Daniel Hernandez!!

The St. Matthews Church Walk/Run for Hunger will take place this year on Sunday, September 24th.
The township will also be holding two forums for landlords concerning the handling of renters deposits for water and sewage.  The township will be sending out letters to all landlords.  The meetings will be held at the Governmental Center on February 27th at 12 Noon and on February 28th at 6pm.
During the board member comments, Rose Licht gave updates on two local businesses that will be adding some jobs this year - KUKA Assembly and Test Corp. and Orchid Unique Instruments.
There will also be a water main project that will be taking place this spring on Tatham and some of the side streets.  There will be also a gas line project that will last about 4 months and will be out around Sheridan, East Moore, Dorwood, Curtis and Townline Roads.

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