Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Misappropriation Lawsuit Against Marti Sageman Amended To Include Four Other Bridgeport School Board Members

Let me start this post by putting the sequence of events in order here:
-- Lawsuit filed against Bridgeport School Board member Marti Sageman for misappropriation of funds.  You can view the lawsuit here - http://bridgeportmusings.blogspot.com/2015/07/lawsuit-on-behalf-of-bridgeport-school.html
-- At the July 20th Bridgeport School Board Meeting the board members voted on a resolution to approve the separation agreement and the monies paid to Jennifer McDonald.  That separation agreement and the monies are the basis of the lawsuit against Marti Sageman.
You can view the July 20th meeting here - http://bridgeportmusings.blogspot.com/2015/07/bridgeport-school-board-special-meeting_21.html
You can view a copy of the actual resolution passed at that meeting here - http://bridgeportmusings.blogspot.com/2015/08/resolution-approving-settlement-from.html
-- On August 14th Attorney Philip Ellison filed a suit seeking to have the court invalidate the resolution passed at the July 20th meeting.  You can view that suit here -  http://bridgeportmusings.blogspot.com/2015/08/lawsuit-filed-seeking-to-invalidate.html

On August 14th, Mr. Ellison also amended the original misappropriation lawsuit to include the four board members that voted to approve that resolution, Jay Bruns, Larry Long, Robert Lange, Dempsey Allen.  Some of the arguments included in the amendment are:

- That at no time did these Defendants actually investigate, conduct hearings, or interview the parties involved, including Superintendent Thomas Hill and/or Jennifer McDonald.
- That in other words, these Defendants wrongfully used their political voting power to aid in the concealment of stolen, embezzled, or converted property in the form of monies belonging to the taxpayers of the BRIDGEPORT-SPAULDING COMMUNITY SCHOOLS and/or its BOARD OF EDUCATION as misappropriated by Defendant MARTHA SAGEMAN.

You can view the amended lawsuit here.  The part where they add the other four board members begins on the end of page 4 and continues through page 7.   Click on the photos to see a larger version:

You can follow the progress of this lawsuit on the Circuit Court website -- http://www.saginawcounty.com/Apps/ClerkSearches/CircuitCivilDetail.aspx?caseNo=15-027138-CZ

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