Monday, August 24, 2015

Resolution Approving Settlement From July 20th, 2015 School Board Meeting

People have commented that they could not understand exactly what was said at the July 20th School Board Meeting concerning the resolution that was passed by the school board concerning the separation agreement signed by former Elementary Principal Jennifer McDonald.  It was confusing to listen to.  I have a copy of the resolution that was passed and hopefully that will be a little easier to understand.

Here is the three page resolution that was voted on by the board members with a 5 to 2 vote.  Click on the pictures to see a larger image:

The original separation agreement signed by Jennifer McDonald was drawn up by Attorney Gary Patterson from the Masud Law Group, one of the regular law firms used by the Bridgeport School District.  At the July 20th School Board Meeting it appeared to me that it was Attorney Gary Patterson that presented the Resolution To Approve Settlement Agreement to the school board in the closed session and that the school board members then voted to approve that. 

After the July 20th School Board Meeting, Attorney Gary Patterson sent a letter to Attorney Philip Ellison concerning the lawsuit that was filed by Mr. Ellison on behalf of the Bridgeport School Board against Marti Sageman.  I wondered why he did that since he is not involved in any way with that lawsuit, except as Mr. Ellison points out in his response to him that he is a witness to the lawsuit?  I am not a legal scholar but to my simple mind it seems like Mr. Patterson has a conflict of interest in the drafting of the resolution and in the letter he sent to Mr. Ellison.
Here is the letter sent to Attorney Philip Ellison by Attorney Gary Patterson and also Mr. Ellison's response.  Click on the pictures to see a larger image:

At tonight's school board meeting the board discussed not using the Masud Law Group any longer for their legal needs.

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