Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting August 4th, 2015

On the agenda:
Public Comment begins at 3:30
Unfinished Business -
- Parks & Recreation Update begins at about 5:00
- Fire Station Renovation Status begins at 13:18
New Business -
- Set Public Hearing Date to create IFT District - begins at 21:51
- R-15-14 Relocation of Watermains - MDOT begins at 23:30
Board Member Comments begin at 27:11

Sometimes going to all the meetings for Bridgeport Township and the School Board can be boring, sometimes stressful and sometimes very enjoyable.  Last nights meeting was one of the enjoyable nights.  It was a short meeting with a few laughs and a positive atmosphere.
Parks & Recreation Director Bill Wheeler gave a update on some of the events that have taken place this year and more that will be happening. Coming up on August 14th through the 16th there will be the Great Lakes Rendezvous held at Davis Park.  I love that event.  I used to go years ago when it was held out in the Freeland area.  Really looking forward to it coming here.
Fire Chief Pat Nelson gave a update on the repairs on the fire station and more updates about the Fire Department and staff.
Board member comments and the comments from Rose Licht Township Manager are always informative.  Lots of things going on and coming up here in Bridgeport.  Just a few mentioned are the Stream Bank Erosion Project that will be taking place this month here in the Cass River along Fort Rd area.  The Bridgeport Police Department was able to obtain a Humvee from the military program.  This will be used for severe weather times.  Thanks to Bob Miller from Miller Auto Body Shop for donating his time and labor to paint the Humvee.  Bob Miller and Chief Duffet did all the work on it, and Quality Auto gave them the paint for the project "at cost".  This is a good deal for Bridgeport.
Township Supervisor Augie Tausend talked about which townships require the residents to pay for the sidewalk repairs and which ones don't.  Like he says it would be great if the township  had the finances to pay for the repair and upkeep work.  This is one of those issues that I see both sides of.  The Libertarian side of me just screams NO that's not right; The Community Member side of me says let's all pitch in and do our part and keep our community looking good and a great place to live.

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