Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Arrests at the April 1st, 2014 Bridgeport Township Board Meeting

Luckily there were no arrests at this months Bridgeport Township Board meeting.
There were some good comments made by several residents during the public comment period concerning the incident involving the removal and arrest of a speaker during last months meeting.  And there were more residents that attended this meeting than I have seen in awhile.  It would be nice to see at least the same amount, preferably even more, attend every meeting of the Township Board Meetings, The DDA Board Meetings and the Planning and Zoning Board Meetings.
One of the board trustees, Vanessa Guerra, did comment at the end of the meeting that she is there for any members of the community that would like to have any discussions with her.  She and one of the residents that spoke during the public comment period both thought the idea of a Town Hall type forum for the residents of Bridgeport is a good idea.  Sadly Vanessa Guerra is running for State Representative for Michigan's 95th District.  I wish her well in the race and think she would be a good State Representative, but I would be sad to see the Bridgeport residents lose her as one of our trustees.

* A note to several of Bridgeport Township's "employees", you can glare and stare, smirk, puff your chests out all you want - You Will Not Intimidate Me :-)  I just found your behavior rather imbecile and childish.

A video of the full board meeting for April 1st. 2014 can be seen here:

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