Thursday, April 3, 2014

Legitimate Complaints or Just Plain Old Bullying? - Part 1 The Case of Mark Adams

I am aware of two complaints against Mr. Mark Adams and his property located in Bridgeport Township.

The first "complaint" I will address is one that was made by a woman verbally at the April 1st, 2014 Township Board Meeting.  I have contacted Mr. Adams and he is unaware of any official compliant being filed by her with the Township Board.  It is worth pointing out that this woman lives approximately 3 miles from his property.  Does she have "A Dog In This Fight"?  Not that I can see.
In the video segment below taken from the April 1st meeting you can hear her making the statements like "He doesn't follow any ordinances, any codes, or anything here".  I do not believe that she works for the township, maybe she is an expert on all the codes etc..  here.  Maybe she prowls the entire township keeping an eye out for any "code breakers".  I would hope that if she complains about one person in our township that she feels violates the codes that she would also complain about every resident she feels violates the codes.  If not, then it just looks like she has a personal vendetta against one man.  I don't know her so I cannot speak to her motivation for complaining about Mr. Adams, I can only wonder about her motivation.
Another statement she makes is "Yeah I can go put a building on some property too and live in it part-time".  She has me confused on that remark.  I have seen the small storage shed on Mr. Adams property and I can't imagine anyone living in it.  It is a storage shed used for tools and such.  Is this the building she is talking about?  It is the only building there so it must be.
Another statement she made that really struck me was "He may have money, he may have pull, but follow our regulations!".  It made me wonder if that is what her main complaint against Mr. Adams is? His money?  No one can answer that question but this woman herself.
And her last remark was "I have been there with the fireworks and seen the dogs crying, and listened to it on weekends. The neighbors and the people in the area are tired of it".    I contacted Mr. Adams and asked him how often he had parties or fireworks and he said "rarely".  Fireworks are legal here in Michigan so there should be no complaint about that unless the person is setting them off every night or all night long.  We have a fireworks store that opened right here in Bridgeport.  If people find fireworks so annoying then maybe they need to drive the business out of Bridgeport and then fight at the state level to ban all fireworks.  The number of fireworks being used in Bridgeport has increased since the state passed the law allowing them and the store opened here in Bridgeport.  I am not complaining about them.  If people enjoy them and have the money for it,  it is their business if they shoot them off, not mine.  I had a neighbor shoot a bunch off and the hot pieces landed in my yard, on the lawn furniture and the shed roof.  I wasn't happy about that but I did not complain about it.  If it ever becomes a problem then I will go to that neighbor and talk it over with them. That should be the first course of action whenever there is a problem instead of just shooting your mouth off in public complaining about a person.
Did any of Mr. Adams neighbors talk to him about any complaints they may have?  No they did not.
Here is a photo from Google of Mr. Adams property (marked with the "A") and the surrounding neighbors. Take note of the railroad tracks running through the edge of Mr. Adams property.  How many times per day and night does the train run through on these tracks?  How noisy is it when the trains come through?  I don't know how many times they run through but I do know how noisy they are.  Do the neighbors complain about the trains?  It would seem to me that these trains would make more noise on a daily basis than Mr. Adams would ever make.  How many other people living in this area have ever shot off fireworks?  Has this woman or any of the people living in this area ever complained about anyone else shooting off fireworks?


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