Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Update On Trash In Davis Park And The Sand Bars In Bridgeport Township

I went to Davis Park hoping to find the trash pile removed but it is still there.  In this short video segment I show some more trash that has been lying around the park for probably several years now.  There are some railroad ties there and I don't think they washed up in the flooding.  I am not sure why Bridgeport Township would have hauled them back over by the trash/burn pile.  Are they planning on burning them too?  I hope they move all this trash to a proper landfill and soon especially those railroad ties because they have some big spikes sticking out of them. I would think that would be a liability should anyone step on them or fall on them.

The above video is a follow up video to my earlier video of the damage caused to the Cass River and the garbage in Davis Park.  At about 28 minutes into this earlier video you will see the large trash pile that they burn in Davis Park.

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