Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Don't Hate Bridgeport, I Love My Hometown

I want to say that I am not just focused on the "negative" things in Bridgeport, I am not trying to hurt Bridgeport.  I believe very strongly in the things I am talking about.  I will admit that I do get very cynical at times when it comes to things involving the Bridgeport Township Government.  So let me say some nice things about Bridgeport.
First is Liberty Park.  That is a fantastic achievement that doesn't just benefit us here in Bridgeport.  People come from all over to use that park.  I see in your Master Plan that there are some things over there that need upgrading, then please do spend the money necessary to keep that park in top shape.  It will be worth every dollar spent.
The Historical Village.  I love it!  That shows what a community can do with people working together.
Our Bridgeport Library, one of my favorite places!!  I do wish that it had been located here in our downtown area.  That is the kind of addition I would like to see in our downtown, not more retail stores.
The State Street Bridge Restoration. I love that bridge, I always have, I always will.  I have been here for over a half a century, born and raised here, and have spent much of my life on that bridge and at the river. Played on the bridge as a child, fished from it, and have walked across it so many times I couldn't even begin to count how many. What I don't like is the way it was handled.  I felt it was very dirty and underhanded.  It showed no respect for the residents of Bridgeport, it created too much ill will and divided this township. Despite my feelings about the way it was handled, it still brings a smile to my face every time I see it.  I love walking across it now more than I ever did.  It is a beautiful bridge!!
* BTW, The Christmas lights around the bridge this year were stunning !

I understand that people want to bring in new development to Bridgeport, bring in more tax dollars.  I just don't often agree with your vision for the future of my hometown.  I don't want a Meijer's, don't want a Walmart.  We don't need anymore apartment complexes.  I have always like my sleepy little residential community just the way it is. It was a community where it was safe to let your children run and play.  Knew your neighbors, actually you knew just about everyone in town.  The members of the community were involved in the community, involved in the schools, in their churches.  But society has changed with the times and sadly that is reflected in our community and in many communities.
I would never want to live in a place like the State Street Corridor out in Saginaw Township, or Bay Rd, Tittabawassee Corridor.
We will never be a Little Bavaria, even  Frankenmuth is no longer a Little Bavaria.  Now it is just a hotel row and tourist trap.  They lost their identity years ago.  The only place I go to in Frankenmuth is Gil-Roys Hardware.
Do we want to be another Birch Run?  Maybe people looking at the tax revenue generated do, but I hope we never end up like them.  Even the Birch Run residents avoid their downtown area now.  From things I read and hear, the development there has divided that community too.
Freeland is nice, places like Hemlock and all the little rural communities surrounding us still have their small town charm, still have their community.  But unlike them we are not a rural community anymore.  We now sit between I-75 and Saginaw, I am not sure where that leaves us.  Hopefully we never loose our identity, what Bridgeport was, the history of this community. I feel like I am watching it slowly slip away, sadly watching it slip away.

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