Tuesday, January 10, 2017

$500.00 Reward To Help Catch A Thief

My family is offering a $500.00 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons that stole from our family farm.  Our family farm is located on Tittabawassee Road in Saginaw Township.  The farm was started by my Great Great Grandparents in 1888.  One of my uncles was living in the farmhouse when he passed away in April of 2016.  He was a hoarder so you can imagine how much stuff was in the home and on the property.  There were many items outside on the property and in a large storage building.  I had no way to secure those items so many were lost to theft.  The house though has been kept secured and to this day has not been broken into.  Only family members have had access to the house, that includes me, my elderly mother, and several other family members that helped me do some of the cleaning work etc...  There was also a couple of other people that were briefly allowed into the house.

It is the items that were stolen from inside the house that I am mainly looking for information about.  Some of the items were small, some inexpensive.  Some were larger, some expensive.  Some were old, some were newer.  Some were family items, some quite old.  These thefts happened in late April to early May of 2016.  We do not ever expect to recover these items but it would be nice to at least recover the older family items.  WE DO WANT to see the person / persons that stole from our home caught and prosecuted.  That is why we are offering a $500.00 reward.

If you have any information about these thefts and the persons responsible, Please contact me at mishepishu@hotmail.com

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