Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bridgeport Township DDA Board Meeting February 24th, 2016

On the agenda:
Public Comments begin at 2:15
New Business -
- Beautification 2016 begins at 5:52
- Inspection of Bridge Maintenance begins at 8:08
- Saginaw Future begins at 10:37
Old Business -
- Great Lakes Discovery Center Update begins at 12:35
- North Gateway Update begins at 15:47
- Cass River Trail Head Update begins at 18:35
- a. Funding Update begins at 25:17
DDA Coordinator's Report begins at 27:05
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Mr. Larry Ford from the Birch Run/Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce spoke during the public comment period.  He gave a update on the success of the Chamber's "Best Of Awards" dinner and award ceremony.  It was a fantastic evening and Joel Fieck did a great job as the emcee for the awards ceremony.
The DDA Coordinator and others had lots of positive updates about things going on in Bridgeport right now.  2016 is looking to be a very beautiful and exciting year here in Bridgeport.
Mr. John Hoffman was recognized at the meeting.  He and his wife Betty were the winners of the Bridgeport "Citizen Of The Year" award.  There was a small luncheon after the meeting.  I want to mention the Chocolate Fudge cake they had from Kroger's here in Bridgeport.  For my fellow chocolate lovers - be sure to try it!
The DDA meeting was rescheduled from it's usual time earlier this month because DDA Coordinator Steve Dobis was in Florida for several weeks.  He just came back here to Michigan earlier this week I believe.  I think Mother Nature just wanted to remind Mr. Dobis of what Michigan can be like in the winter.  So if anyone is upset with this severe winter storm we are having right now, you can blame it on Mr. Dobis.  

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