Friday, February 5, 2016

Bridgeport School Board Finance Committee Meeting February 4th, 2016

This was a meeting of the Building & Grounds and the Finance Committee. There are no microphones in these meetings so it can be hard to hear some of the members speak.

- Meeting starts out with discussion of the budget and the changes due to the Michigan Treasury Department taking over monitoring of the school district.
- Discussion of the bids taken for custodial and transportation starts at 16:43
- Discussion of the possible closure of Thomas White School begins at 31:00
- Discussion of the Moss and Mercury Projects ( upgrading of the technology ) begins at 51:30
- Bridge Fest discussion begins at 55:54
- Discussion of the sale of the shop items begins at 1:12:35
- More discussion on custodial and transportation issues begins at 1:27:05 ( there is a break in the video at about 1:32:32 because I had to change the camera battery )
- Funny little news bit about a car chase that ended on school property begins at 1:39:40
- Discussion of a meeting to be held to update employees begins at 1:41:17
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