Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Carla's Wednesday Evening Musings

If you don't want to be publicly talked about, Don't go out in public and behave in a manner that will get you talked about.
Your name can only be besmirched if you besmirch it.
There are three sides to every story; Your side, Their side, And the truth which usually lies somewhere in the middle.  Always look for the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be.
Know that I will never be intimidated by bullying or evil stares.
If you want to bully people, expect a response from me.
If you bully women or those weaker or smaller than you, I lose all respect for you.
If you call yourself a man of God but walk the path of a sinner, I lose all respect for you.
God knows all His children's hearts, stand before a mirror and look deeply to see the truth that He sees.

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