Sunday, July 26, 2015

7th Annual Cass River Cleanup Project July 25th, 2015

This was a fantastic event!

I would first like to say THANK YOU to all the volunteers that joined in this cleanup and helped to make the beautiful Cass River here in Bridgeport a little cleaner, actually a lot cleaner!  This is a annual event held by the Cass River Greenway Organization -
Bill  Wheeler the Bridgeport Parks & Recreation Director helped to organize this years event here in Bridgeport.  Great Job!!  
These people that do this event every year in a different section of the Cass River are a great bunch of people.  They are from many different communities here along the Cass River.  This was my first time at one of these events but it will not be the last time.  If you have never joined in before, I highly recommend you join in one of their future events.  Any time you have a excuse to play in the river and make a difference at the same time - That is always a good thing :-)
I want to give a personal shout out here to those that I know of that were involved in helping to make this event so successful.  These are the sponsors listed on the back of the really nice t-shirt I got:  Leinenkugel's Canoes For A Cause, Cass River Yacht Club, Bridgeport Township Parks & Recreation,
Bridgeport Township Downtown Development Authority,  Grasel Graphics, Bavarian Inn Restuarant, Cass River Greenway, McDonald's Of Bridgeport, Great Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs, Billy's Contracting, R.A. Monk Insurance.  Also Thank You to Bridgeport residents Glen Chaney, Dr. Darrow and Jim Secord for allowing their property to be used for access to the river.  Also Gobeyn's Service Station for picking up and disposing of the 14 tires that were removed from the Cass River. Almost forgot Star of the West Milling Co. that provides trucks every year to help with the cleanups.
Some Bridgeport residents that joined in the clean up were Township Supervisor Augie Tausend and Township Manager Rose Licht, Police Chief Dave Duffett and Officer Mat Kaz-Mika, and Bill Wheeler.  Bridgeport's public servants got wet, muddy and did a great job in helping with this cleanup!  Rose, Augie and Chief Duffett did get a car door out of the river!  Miss Bridge Fest 2015, Chelsea Nedrow also joined us in the cleanup.  She drove a long way to come and get wet, muddy and pitch in to help cleanup.  I think she is a great representative for our Bridgeport community.   There was also a great group of teens from the Wolverine Human Services, Pioneer Work & Learn Vassar program.  They did a great job of helping out, got out a lot of trash, looked like they had fun doing it too!

I got a few photo's from the event.  You can see them here -
and the Bridgeport Parks and Recreation has a few photo's of the event posted

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