Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Morning in Lyle Park

I haven't been able to make my daily walks through Davis or Lyle parks here in Bridgeport for about 2 months, much to my dog's disapproval.  We finally made it this morning and it was a nice morning.  There were no mosquitoes and no trash!!  
Not sure who to give the credit to for the lack of mosquitoes, but great job there.  The amount of dog poop throughout Lyle Park was becoming a problem even though they do provide small bags for the dog walkers to carry and pick up the waste.  It seemed few people were using those bags..  The bags are in small park area entrance in front of the Historic Bridge.    Today though I saw no dog poop and no trash.  I believe the credit for this belongs to Bridgeport resident Sue Schluckebier and her friend that walk through the park.  They have been picking up the trash and the dog waste left behind by the park users.  Great Job!!  I used to pick up the trash on my walks but never picked up the dog waste, I have my limits!!
There is another bench in Lyle Park to sit on and a table, another trash can.  The park is looking good!  Some may think the weeds along the edges are getting too high but that is a issue that is debatable.  It looks nice when all the weeds are trimmed down and you can view the river but those weeds are not really just weeds.  There are many different types of wildflowers and milkweed plants.  Even some of the plants that are considered weeds have flowers that are beneficial to the pollinators.  The pollinators are in trouble worldwide and so are the Monarch Butterflies that depend on the milkweed plants.  So when the weeds go, so do the beneficial plants.  So what do you do?  I enjoy the many flowering plants along the river, part of the pleasure of the walk.
So Bridgeport residents, get out and enjoy our lovely little parks, just please clean up after yourself!

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