Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bridgeport School Board Policy Committee Meeting June 26th, 2015

This was a meeting of the Policy Committee of the Bridgeport School Board of Education.  They discussed several items - the student handbook and policies for the upcoming school year, board policies, and the Balanced Calendar School Year.

I thought this was a very good meeting, very informative, very constructive.  It was attended by School Board Members Pat Nelson, Tedi Morris, Robert Lange, and Assistant Principle John Lagalo, resident John Rhines.
They had a long discussion about the changes that will be made for the student handbook and school policies for the upcoming school year.  There will be some positive changes being made.  They also discussed some issues with the School Board policies and needed changes.  There is also a issue with board members not following the policies already in place.
There was a date set for a followup policy committee meeting on July 15th, and a special School Board Meeting on July 20th. 
One of the items they discussed was the Year Round /Balanced Calendar school calendar.  They will be looking into bringing that to the Bridgeport Schools in the future.  They will bring in people to give presentations etc...  I really hope they do this and soon.  You can go to Google and research information about the Balanced Calendar, pros and cons, statistics from school districts that are using this calendar.  Here is a good article I found and a website:
- Local Schools Weigh balanced calendar vs. traditional calendar -
- National Association for Year-Round Education - 

I attended the Bridgeport School System until high school, then my family moved to the south and I attended high school there.  This was decades ago and they were years behind Michigan when it came to education; but they did one thing that was years ahead of Michigan, they used the Balanced Calendar.  There was a large population growth in the area and the schools were over crowded.  We actually had two high schools using the same building.  My high school was the morning shift and the other high school attended for the afternoon shift.  That was when they switched to the balanced calendar to help ease the overcrowding.  At first everyone was resistant and especially the students.  After 6 months or less into the school year, I can tell you we loved the balanced calendar!!  I was a student that had always hated attending school, but I can remember watching the calendar towards the end of that 3 week break and counting down the days until I could get back to school.  When the 3 week breaks started, I was ready for that break, but when the break was over, I was anxious to get back to school.  If the Balanced Calendar can take a student that hated attending school and turn them into a student that looked forward to getting back to school, then it is something that works.

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