Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bridgeport School Board Building & Grounds/ Finance Committee Meeting June 29th, 2015

This was a short informal meeting of the Finance Committee to discuss the sale of the Brunkow School to the Saginaw ISD.

I was very glad to hear that Bridgeport will be selling the Brunkow School to the Saginaw ISD for $1.00.  The Brunkow School is currently being used for the Head Start program and now they will be able to continue that program.  They will recommend the sale with a adjustment to a clause in the sale contract.
The only problem that I have with any of this is that the meeting that took place to discuss and negotiate the sale was actually done after the board meeting on June 22nd.  Towards the end of that board meeting, the board President Jay Bruns requested that the members of the Finance Committee stay after the meeting and have a discussion with Superintendent Stewart from the Saginaw ISD concerning the future of Brunkow School.  That discussion/meeting was in violation of the Michigan Open Meetings Act.  I don't believe it was done with any ill intent, with no desire to intentionally keep the public in the dark, but it was done out of ignorance of the law of the Open Meetings Act.  That is a unacceptable action by members of the school board.  The Bridgeport School Board has been in my opinion too dysfunctional for too many years and this is just one example of the many reasons why.

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