Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bridgeport Township DDA Board Meeting December 10th, 2014

On today's agenda -
Under New Business -
1.  Former Carpenter's Plaza discussion starts at 2:00 in the video
2.  Christmas Lunch starts at 7:20
3.  2015 Meeting Schedule starts at 8:05
Under Old Business -
1.  Canoe Launch starts at 8:38
2.  Great Lakes Discovery Center starts at 16:07
3.  Beautification Update starts at 17:08
4.  Review of 4422 Williamson starts at 18:30
5.  I-75 Billboard Update starts at 44:20
6.  6137 Dixie Highway Update starts at 46:00
DDA Coordinator's Report starts at 52:18
DDA Board Member Comments start at 1:05:51

There were some exciting things discussed at the meeting.  I am excited about the plans for the property located at 4422 Williamson, the former B & S Heating property.  It will become a park type area that ties in with the historic State Street Bridge and the walking trail.  The proposed plans call for restoring the facade of the front building back to the time when it was the Bridgeport Oil & Gas Co.  Many Bridgeport residents have fond memories of that business and the owners.  They would also include restrooms inside the building.  The back garage building would be torn down and a pavilion would be placed there with tables, grills etc..  There would also be a fishing/wildlife viewing platform overlooking the Cass River.  The projected cost for the project is $395,700.00.  They will start submitting grants to help obtain monies toward the cost.
When I look towards the future and the possibilities with this project, I see a truly beautiful attraction for Bridgeport; a beautiful part of Bridgeport and our history.  I had become too old and cranky and had lost my vision to see possibilities and the beauty in so many things.  Thankfully we have Tanya Moore and Steve Dobis, they can see the future and the possibilities then put them onto paper and into action!  They first presented this plan back in September along with Carl Hamann, a former Bridgeport resident and son of the last owner of Bridgeport Oil & Gas Co., you can view that meeting by clicking here -Special Meeting of the Bridgeport DDA Board
Here is the development master plan for the site done by Tanya Moore of Spicer Engineering.
*click on photo to enlarge it

Here also is the preliminary cost estimate for the project - 

There was some other good news.  The canoe launch project is moving forward.  So far Parks and Recreation Director Bill Wheeler has raised money from the DNR Trust Fund in the amount of $121,100.00 for the project.  Also from the Anderson Foundation - $30,000.00 over 3 years, Wickes Foundation - $10,000.00, McNally Foundation - $45,000.00 over 3 years, Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative - $20,000.00, Morley Foundation - $5,000.00 and from Bridgeport Township - $10,000.00

And lastly I was amazed to hear that Bridgeport had been able to obtain a very nice piece of property for the sum of $10.00!  The property is known as Carpenter Plaza, or known to those of us that grew up here as the former IGA and Hoffman Drugs property.  This property has been sitting vacant for years now and and is a eyesore.  NOW, there is a possible future for that property other than continued deterioration and vandalism.

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