Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting December 16th, 2014

On tonight's agenda -
New Business -
1.  Equipment Pool Budget for 2015 starts at 2:45 in the video.
2.  General Fund Budget Amendments for 2014 starts at 3:37
3.  Cancel Public Hearing Date for Cemetery Ordinance Revisions starts at 4:27
4.  Cancel Public Hearing Date for Water Ordinance Revisions starts at 5:22
5.  Appointments for Boards and Commissions starts at 6:40
* they moved the Accounts Payable segment to here on the agenda.  This starts at 9:00
6.  Appointment for Township Board Trustee starts at 10:26 
* the interviewees were in order - John Altz, Jennifer Gutierrez, Roberta Placher, Tom Coates, Robert Brown, and the last candidate I believe was Anna Mayer.  Some of the names I knew because the people are on other boards here in Bridgeport, and I also got the names from a article in the  Birch Run/Bridgeport Herald.  It is hard to understand the names here in the video.

Board Comments start at 42:25

I don't have much to say about the meeting except Congratulations to Jennifer Gutierrez on her appointment to the Bridgeport Township Board!  And like Darlene Miller I am also glad to see one more woman on the board!
I think the Christmas Lights on display in Bridgeport are just beautiful!  Now all we need is a little snow just in time for a White Christmas.

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