Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stolen Signs, Straight Facts and Other Musings This Week In Bridgeport

My first rant is about the low life that is stealing the Bridgeport Library Millage Signs.  I really don't know what to say about this, well I do actually have some thoughts but they would probably get my blog banned from the internet.  I will just say that you have to be the lowest of lowest to steal these signs.

My second rant is about people that need to get their facts straight and tell the truth about the Bridgeport Public Library Millage Renewal.  I saw this sign yesterday alongside a road here in Bridgeport and was in disbelief that anyone would even put this up, or leave it parked alongside a public road.
This is not a New Millage!  This is a RENEWAL of the old millage of 1.5 mills that we have voted to give to the library for years.  You can see more details on a earlier blog post -
Is someone upset that it may cost about $50.00 per year to support our library?  $50.00 is just a few nights out in our local bars, I don't think that is too much for someone to give up and it would be a healthier option for people!

There is no millage for the DDA!  Let me explain this again... The DDA captures a small percentage of taxes here in Bridgeport. 
I don't remember the figures exactly of what they collect but I believe it will be about $30,000 from the library millage; $44,000 from the Delta College Millage; $100,000 from the Bridgeport Township taxes and  about $180,000 from taxes collected by Saginaw County.  Sorry if I don't have these figures exactly right, but they should be close.
You can see that the smallest amount they will be capturing will be from the Bridgeport Library Millage Renewal.
I have heard that a person or people want to "dry up" the funds going to the DDA.. OK, if that is your reasoning, then why are you only harping about the Bridgeport Library Millage when that is the smallest amount the DDA will receive?  Will you also be opposing the Delta College Millage when it comes back up for renewal in 2015/2016?
Why not lead all the residents,  at least the residents that live in the DDA District since they are the only ones that the DDA actually captures from, Why not lead them in a total tax revolt?  That would be the way to dry up the DDA funding, not by picking on the poor library.
So if you defeat the Library Millage you will only deny the DDA $30,000 BUT you will cost the Bridgeport Public Library close to $300,000 which is about 80% of their operating budget.  Who will be hurt the most by the defeat of this millage? 
If you are so dead set against the DDA, then man up and take on the DDA;  but please do not make the Bridgeport Public Library the "collateral  damage" in your battle against the DDA.

Now for my last rant of the day.  The people who leave their trash in our public parks!@#$%^&
As I took my morning walk through Lyle Park I also carried a small bag with me and picked up some of the trash that was lying alongside the trail.  It included things that have washed up in flooding, things that have been there for years, the plastic bags that fly across our land in the winds, and of course the trash that the users of our parks leave behind.
One of those pieces inspired me to take this photo:

Which piece of this trash inspired this photo?  Was it the beer can? No.    It was the Nature Valley Gluten Free Nut Health Bar Wrapper!
Obviously the person that ate that bar is health conscious.  I would think then they would also be conscious about our environment, but obviously they are not :-(

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