Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Good Day In Lyle Park!!

I will admit that I am predisposed to always think the worst of Bridgeport Township's government, departments and employees  Gladly I have been proven wrong.  
Our Parks and Recreation Director Bill Wheeler took the time to talk with me after the DDA Board Meeting the other day about the tires in Lyle Park.  So today with a little coordination we were able to get 6 tires and a little other trash out of Lyle Park.  The photos may not look like much but to me it was a big accomplishment!
There is more trash that needs to be cleaned up there but it takes time, money and manpower.  I learned that the manpower and budget are the biggest problem to keeping these parks maintained right now.  I will work with Bill Wheeler and slowly get some more of the trash cleaned up.
Bill Wheeler is very knowledgeable about the issues with our river and does have some good plans for the parks and my beloved Cass River.  If he can get these things done, he will be my Hero!

The Cass River Greenway will be having a river cleanup on the Cass River out in the Caro area on July 26th this year.  I hear that 2015 the river cleanup will be here in Bridgeport on the Cass River.  I am already excited about that!  Cass River Greenway Events

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