Friday, April 7, 2017

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting April 4th, 2017

On the agenda:
- Public Comment begins at 4:32
New Business -
- Resolution R17-05 Alltel Communications begins at 16:30
- Workman's Compensation begins at 18:02
- Southfield Drive Road Improvements begins at 20:03
- Admin/Dept. Head Wage Proposal begins at 21:43
- Independent Contractor Agreement begins at 22:37
- King Road Drain Project begins at 25:41
- Resolution R17-06 Water Rates and Fees begins at 29:15
- Bridgeport Water Supply Rules and Regulations begins at 31:23
- Introduction to MMFLA Ordinance begins at 58:15
- Accounting Dept. Update begins at 1:01:14
- Waste Water Treatment Plant Land Application Bid begins at 1:14:53
- Board Member Comments begin at 1:18:38
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Sorry I am a few days late in getting this posted but I am really sick this week.
There were some informative updates by Jaeleen Davis from the Birch Run/Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce and Representative Vanessa Guerra  during the public comment period.
This meeting was a lot of township business stuff.  Of interest to the general public would probably be the Southfield Drive Road Improvements, King Road Drain Project.  The discussion was long about the Water Supply Rules and Regulations and that may be of interest to the public.
They also set the date of May 3rd during the regular board meeting that they will discuss the MMFLA Ordinance.  That is about the Medical Marijuana Facility Licensing Ordinance.  Hope I have that right.  There are a lot of views on medical marijuana and the medical dispensaries.  I won't get into all of that on my blog here.  I will say that I am not in favor of having a dispensary here in Bridgeport.
Ron Rachwitz gave a nice presentation for the accounting department and some of the information that is available on the township website for everyone to see. I found it interesting and informative myself and hope people will take the time to listen and check out what is available on the website.
The board member and township managers comments are always interesting, and sometimes humorous.  Augie Tausend is sometimes quite entertaining!! -- 1:19:40 into the video

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