Friday, March 31, 2017

Watching The Watchers

I said a few months ago that I wanted to keep my blog positive, to just share the positive things that are going on in Bridgeport.  I really do want to do that, but things are what they are, and I have to call things out as I see them.
It has been a struggle for me to try and keep up with the blog because of family issues.  I haven't posted anything in about 9 days.  Please don't think it is because I don't care about Bridgeport.  And don't think it is because I am not aware of things going on here.  I may be a little behind others in keeping up with events, but eventually I do find things out.
I truly would just like to walk away from this blog because of the time and energy that it takes for me to keep up right now.  If I did give up this blog I wouldn't worry about the Bridgeport Township government, the trustees, the manager, the DDA department, the police department.  I think they are all doing a great job and I have a lot of faith in them.  I see a bright future for Bridgeport with all of them in place.  My only regret is that I haven't been able to keep up with sharing all the wonderful things they have been doing.

It is the future of our school district, our school board, the future of the children that keeps me from walking away.  I have some serious concerns about it all.  I suspect there are some out there that think I am a rambling maniac, that I have some personal problems, maybe even a personal vendetta.    That is not what is going on, please believe me.  I have some serious concerns, some I have shared, some I have not.    There is some information I have been keeping for almost a year that I really want to share but haven't done it.  Not yet, but I see it as being necessary in the future.  Sorry if this sounds really crazy.

So back now to the school district and the school board.  I have seen some good people done wrong in this district, and have seen some bad people come out ahead.  It is disheartening to watch.  There are some current board members that have made accusations against others in the past that they didn't know their place or their roles on the school board, in the district, that they were overstepping their bounds.  But now from what I am seeing and hearing, those same board members are way overstepping their bounds, way overstepping their responsibilities and their duties.  It is just more of their hypocrisy. Sad. 

I have stated in the past that if someone is claiming racism and I don't see it that way, I will say so.  BUT, when I do see racism, I will call it out!  There is something going on right now in this school district that I do believe is based on racism.  One person that is involved I do believe is a racist.  Things I have seen in this persons behavior and heard from this persons mouth myself, makes be believe they are a racist.  We have some really good people in our district.  They care about the children, they make a difference in the lives of the children.  We can not afford to lose these kinds of people.  We have already lost one and that was a sad day for the Bridgeport students.  What I am hearing right now sounds like there is a witch hunt going on towards another of our good guys. There are some innuendos or accusations being made that are way out of line!!

Here is my promise to Bridgeport - If this nonsense doesn't stop, If you try to continue with this, If you try to destroy this good man - I Will Not Tolerate It!  No one in Bridgeport should tolerate it!
To the person or persons that are involved in this, I Will Come After You!  And that is not just for the person or persons actively involved in this -- This is also for the ones that are sitting back and keeping your mouths shut, Sitting back and covering your own ass so you keep your jobs or your little positions.  I am not threatening anyone with any kind of violence or anything like that.  I am just saying that there are some truths that need to come out, I will tell them.

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