Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting November 1st, 2016

On the agenda:
Special Orders -
1. Public Hearing for 2017 General Fund Budget begins at 5:54
Public Comment begins at 7:17
New Business -
1. 1st Reading of the Zoning Ordinance 16-02 begins at 8:55
2. Schedule Second Reading of the Zoning Ordinance 16-02 begins at 22:37
3. Fiscal Year 2017 Budgets begins at 23:46
4. Resolution R16-09 General Fund Appropriation Act 2017 begins at 25:22
5. Resolution R16-10 Police Protection Special Assessment begins at 27:22
6. Resolution R16-11 Fire Protection Special Assessment begins at 31:32
7. Resolution R16-12 MMWA Appoint constituent Member & Alternate Member begins at 32:40
8. Resolution R16-13 SASWA Appropriation Act 2017 begins at 34:31
9. Resolution R16-14 Saginaw County Tax Reverted Properties begins at 36:15
10. Resolution R16-15 Mossner Partial PA116T Termination Parcel #09-11-5-01-4001-000 begins at 37:43
11. America Recycles Day begins at 39:43
Board Member Comments begin at 45:00
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It was a longer meeting focusing on all the business that they need to do each year like passing the resolutions.  The Township Supervisor Augie Tausend does explain after each resolution what it is about.  There was a question from an audience member about the police and fire protection assessments.  There has been No Increase in the amount of the assessments, they will be the same per household as they were.
They have updated the zoning ordinance and have some discussion about the types of changes that have been made.  They will also discuss it at the next Trustee Board Meeting on December 6th.  The changes will be reflected on the website in the future and I believe they will send out a email when that is done.
During the public comment period Pastor Hessler from Faith Lutheran Church here in Bridgeport spoke.  On Tuesday November 22nd the Bridgeport Clergy Association will hold their annual Thanksgiving Community Celebration.  From Noon until 3pm the McNally Chapel in the Bridgeport Historical Village will be open and then at 6pm Faith Lutheran Church will be holding a community dessert potluck.  Faith and Sweets are an excellent combination!

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