Friday, October 28, 2016

Candidates For Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Seats This November 8th, 2016

MLive has a voters guide out for the November election.  They have a listing of each of the candidates for the Bridgeport Spaulding School Board, including their answers to questions about why they are running etc...  There are four seats open and five candidates running.  Please choose wisely Bridgeport - The future of our district depends on it.

There is only one candidate that I know that I and my family members will be voting for.  That is Marti Sageman.  Mrs. Sageman has dedicated decades to this school district and the future of our children, and also the community of Bridgeport.  I know that Mrs. Sageman is NOT in it for self glorification or power, but is in it for her love for our children and the future of our community.

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Candidates - MLive

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