Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bridgeport Township Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting February 25th, 2015

On the agenda:
Committee Reports- a. Park & Landscape Committee, b. Recreation Programming Committee, c. Finance Committee, begins at 2:43
Old Business -
a. Canoe/Kayak Launches begins at 11:25
b. Basketball Season Summary begins at 26:57
New Business -
a. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Dates begins at  30:15
b. Easter Egg Hunt begins at 32:00
c. River Clean Up July 25, 2015 begins at 37:00
d. Baseball/Softball Season begins at 42:50
e. Great Lakes Bay Miracle League begins at 43:18
f. Young Champions Cheer Leading Program begins at  50:57
g. Free Fishing Weekend begins at 54:08
Parks & Recreation Director Report -
a. 2014 Year in Review begins at 58:08
b. State MRPA Conference Report, c.CYSA Certification, d. Grant Writing Class Update begins at 1:00:38
e. Seasonal Employees begins at 1:11:45
Board Member Comment begins at 1:13:42

Parks & Recreation Director Bill Wheeler will be holding more regular scheduled meetings.  This meeting is very informal and more fun than some of the township meetings.  The members seem like a great bunch of people.  Hopefully community members will start attending the meetings and get involved in the committees and events.  I will get the exact dates for the meetings and keep the public updated.
The Parks Department offers some great activities for residents like the sports programs, easter egg hunts, the Cass River clean up, etc....
After the meeting I looked at the proposed site plan for the canoe/kayak launch in Davis Park and it is good.
There are some exciting things happening in Bridgeport.  Bill Wheeler and the board members have put a lot of work into these programs.  Good Job!!
The Parks & Recreation Department are on Facebook, go give them a like and keep updated on all the latest events --  Bridgeport Parks & Recreation Department

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