Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting March 3rd, 2015

On tonight's agenda:
Public Comment begins at 2:52 in the video
Unfinished Business -
- Fire Department Station Upgrades begins at 4:15
New Business -
- Little Free Library - Carmen Sawshuk begins at 7:02
- Hoffman Canoe Launch - seeking public input begins at 15:50
- R15-2 DNR Trust Fund Grant canoe/kayak launch Hoffman property begins at 17:48
- Bridgeport Cass River trail head - seeking public input begins at 18:38
- R15-3 DNR Trust Fund Grant Bridgeport Cass River trail head property begins at 19:40
- Oath of office for two New Police Officers begins at 20:48
- Building Department Truck purchase begins at 29:10
- Police Department Tahoe purchase begins at 30:31
- Fire Department Hazardous materials response technology begins at 34:20
- Police Department & Governmental Center Grant for AED Machines begins at 37:24
- Commitment of Fund Balance Funds begins at 39:13
Board Comments begins at 41:29

Welcome to Bridgeport's two new police officers!  And again Thank You to the voters that approved the assessment so they could be hired.
I think the Little Free Library will be a nice thing to have here in downtown Bridgeport.  They are seeking public input for the Hoffman property canoe launch, that property is located on the Dixie where it crosses the Cass River. They are also seeking public input for the property where the former Bridgeport Oil and Gas station was located next to the historic State St. Bridge.  It would be nice if community members would get involved in these projects now and help provide input.

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