Monday, January 26, 2015

Bridgeport Township School Board Meeting January 26th, 2015

- Board Of Education Interviews And Appointment start at 2:35 in the video. (There was no microphone set up for the interviews and they may be hard to hear on the video. I suggest turning the volume up, especially for the second interview.)
- Personnel Report starts at 42:11
- Ad Hoc Committee discussion starts at 46:02
- Board And Superintendent Comments start at 49:07

I was surprised and disappointed by the decision of the school board for the new school board member that was voted in tonight.  There were three candidates on the schedule to be interviewed for the position.
First on the list was Suzanne Kasten-Schnell  but she did not show up for the meeting. 
Second was Tedi Morris, she showed up 1/2 hour late so she was the last one interviewed. 
Last on the list was Mr. John Rhines.  He was the first person interviewed tonight, it starts at about 2:40 in the video. It was obvious that he has put a lot of time and effort into getting involved with the schools and the problems they are facing.  He seems to be very knowledgeable about the school issues and the role of the school board and it's members.  I liked his answers to all of their questions of what his qualifications are and what he would bring to the school board, how he would handle things.  He definitely has the drive and energy to work towards the benefit of the students and the schools.  If I had been a school board member I would have voted for him without hesitation, and with confidence that it was the best decision for the students and the schools.  I have no doubt that his energy and drive would bring about action and perhaps some much needed change to the school board and the school system, but maybe they are not looking for someone with those qualifications.
The interview of Mrs. Morris starts at about 18:59 in the video.  Mrs. Morris seems like a very nice woman, she has previous education experience, her husband was a former school board member.  I was never convinced that she really wanted this position but she was elected by the school board members with a vote of 5 to 1.
There are so many problems facing the school system, and they did not happen overnight, they are not just the fault of the "previous administration".  Tonight's meeting left me feeling like it will be the same old same old.


  1. It is not surprising to me at all. It is obvious this board knows nothing about leadership or anything about running a productive and successful business. This board is a joke, they are more like a circus act than a team of professional leaders that are required to lead our children towards their future success.. It is obvious they do not possess the skills required to be productive leaders based on the condition of our district. They are so concerned about placing blame on the "past administration" and don't even realize that were the past administration. it is their fault this district is in the condition it is because they were the leaders that allowed it to get this bad. Our community needs to step up and hold this board accountable for their actions and force them to do their jobs required by them as board members. This boards lack of accountability is costing our district a great deal of money that we don't have. I'm certain the news that will be coming out over the next few months will prove their incompetence...

  2. Sadly I think you are correct. Hopefully something will happen that will save the future for the school district and the future for the children.