Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bridgeport Township School Board Meeting January 12th, 2015

Discussion concerning the vacant board seat left by Judy Young begins at 1:24 in the video.
Public comment period begins at 3:00
Organization Meeting begins at 7:30 with the election of officers.
- Meeting schedule dates begins at 12:49
- Board member compensation begins at 16:02
- Appointment of delegates and other appointments begins at 17:47
- Board of Education Scholarship discussion begins at 28:53
Financial update begins at 29:55
Check register minutes and personnel report begins at 51:04
Reports begins at 58:03
- Thomas White Elementary at 59:15
- Martin G. Atkins Middle at 1:06:29
- Bridgeport High School update and Teacher and Student of the Year begins at 1:11:33
(I had to change the camera battery during this period so I missed a brief portion of the principal's comments)
- Special Education update begins at 1:24:41
- Buses and building maintenance begins at 1:30:58
- Profession Learning Coordinator report begins at 1:32:52
Board member comments begin at 1:43:09

Sadly the newly elected school board member, Judy Young, will be leaving the district and so now that seat is open again.  I understand her desire to do what is best for her children and wish her and her family well.
The seat is for a 2 year term and qualified area residents can apply for the seat.  Applications can be picked up at the Board of Education offices at the high school and must be returned by 2:30pm on January 23rd.  The new board member will be selected at a special board meeting held on January 26th at 6pm.
Hopefully they can find a board member that will actually attend the board meetings, one that does not view the students as "animals" and the parents as "troublemakers".
Hopefully the new board member will be someone that puts the welfare of the children and the schools above their own ego.  Someone that will be willing to do whatever it takes to work together with all the parties involved.  Someone that won't come in with a confrontational attitude from the start.  Someone with a open mind, open heart, and a willingness to learn.  Someone that will take action, and responsibility, someone that will not pass the blame for everything onto others.
The lives of the children and the future of our schools is too important to take lightly.  Every action in our lives, in this world, has a ripple effect.  The ripple effect our schools and these children will leave upon this world is in everyone's hands.
Mr. Larry Brown spoke during the public comment period and I hope everyone was listening closely.  How is it in this age, in this country, that our teachers and students do not even have the supplies they need?
Sorry that Mr. Robert Lange did not accept the nomination for school board president. He seems to be a board member that is on top of things there.  Seems to me that he would be a good strong leader for the future.
Congratulations to all the students and staff members on their awards and recognition!! 

*Almost forgot to add this just in case anyone is interested.  You can see the other projections on the screen during the Finance update section in the video except this one.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

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