Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BridgeportTownship DDA Board Meeting November 12th, 2014

At today's meeting they discussed under New Business:
1. Marketing & Business Development which starts at 1:55
2. State of Michigan check starts at 9:24

Under Old Business:
1. Canoe Launch starts at 10:50
2. Great Lakes Discovery Center starts at 11:20
3. 6001 Dixie Hwy - Update starts at 12:35
4. Beautification - Update starts at 19:04
5. Christmas Decorations starts at 24:11
6. 2014 Flower Watering Expense starts at 27:16
7. Review of 4422 Williamson (former B & S Heating property) starts at 28:57
8. I-75 Billboard - Update starts at 47:20
DDA Coordinator's Report starts at 58:14
DDA Board Member Comments start at 1:11:23
The next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at Noon.

Some thoughts about some of the items discussed at today’s meeting.  I think the proposed plans for the former B & S Heating property are awesome!  It will be beautiful and will tie in with the bridge and the history of Bridgeport perfectly.  Tanya Moore and Steve Dobis are doing a great job on this project!
The Great Lakes Discovery Center is another project I hope finally comes to fruition.
I can sympathize with Augie Tausend and his view of Christmas decorations etc. being put out too early.  It irritates me when I go into the stores and they are putting Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween.  I saw a home and yard last week with their Christmas decorations already up and just shook my head.  BUT, I am looking forward to the Christmas decorations here in Bridgeport.  I absolutely loved the blue and green lights they had by the bridge last year and look forward to them this year.  And will be glad to see some new and better decorations displayed in town this year.  This is one time I won’t get irritated to see them go up a little early.  Maybe if they don’t light them up until Thanksgiving evening, that is a compromise that will make everyone happy.  It would be nice to see them lit up for Thanksgiving.  They’re not just Christmas lights, they are Holiday lights. 
McLeod’s does deserve a Thank You for the beautiful wreath and garland they provided last year to the bridge area and am looking forward to those again this year.
During the DDA Coordinators report it was mentioned that there will be 4 DDA board members whose terms are expiring this year.  I am not sure if any of them are planning on running for reappointment of their seats.  Anyone in Bridgeport can fill out an application at the township governmental center if they would like to try and get on the board.
During the coordinators report they also discussed the issue of snowmobiles going across the historic bridge.  The snowmobilers did go across the bridge last year.  I saw the tracks in the late winter towards spring.  I didn’t have my camera with me at the time so I didn’t get a photo of the tracks then. It looked to me as if they had been across the bridge several times, it looked like newer tracks on top of older tracks. They left the tracks in the snow and then in the areas where the snow was very thin and where it had already melted away, the treads from the machines left gouges in the wood planks on the bridge. 
I can see the problem with adding new posts to keep them out and the cost would be high.  Hopefully they won’t do it again.  The damage is minor now but after enough times, the damage could be a problem.  
Here is a photo I took earlier this year of the tracks that they left on the bridge.

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