Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting November 5th, 2014

They covered many items at tonight's meeting:
A. Special Orders
1. Public Hearing General Fund Budget Fiscal Year 2015 starts at 3:25 in the video.
2. Set Special Town Board Meeting for November 17, 2014 starts at 4:10
The Public Comments start at 5:10
Under New Business they covered the following items. This starts at 14:25
You can see the budget here 2015 Bridgeport Budget Report
1. General Fund Budget FY2015
2. Cemetery Budget FY2015
3. Refuse Budget FY2015
4. Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Budget FY2015
5. Buildings & Codes Budget FY2015
6. Drug Enforcement Budget FY2015
7. Williamson Acres Budget FY2015
8. Construction Fund Budget FY2015
9. Equipment Pool Budget FY2015 (this was scratched from the list for tonight)
10. Resolution R14-20 Foreclosed Properties Saginaw County
11. Resolution R14-21 General Fund Appropriation Act FY2015
12. Resolution R14-22 Designating County Drainage District/Petition-Southfield Village
13. Sidewalks 5 year assessment at 1.25% interest rate
14. 2015 Township Attorney list
15. 2015 Township Board Meeting Schedule
16. 2015 Township Designated Holidays
17. 2015 Financial Institutions
18. 2015 Planning Commission Schedule
19. Set Public Hearing Date for Public Safety Assessment for Police and Fire starts at 29:10 in the video.
20. Sale of 1999 Malibu starts at 29:55
21. Special land use 5195 Dixie Hwy. #09-11-5-05-4003-000 starts at 31:24
22. Special land use Roedel Rd. #09-11-5-13-3003-004 starts at 33:12
23. Resignation of Trustee Vanessa Guerra starts at 34:30
Comments by the board members starts at 37:00


  1. Is there any way you can increase the volume? Boy it would be really nice to hear what's going on at the meeting

  2. Sorry but I don't know of any way on my end to do it. The speaker volume is sometimes a problem at the meetings. I will try to get closer to the speaker next meeting.