Monday, March 17, 2014

The sordid history of Bridgeport Township and their abuse of power and the citizens rights

Bridgeport Township has had more than their share of controversies that have ended in recalls and  legal battles.  They seem to just run over the laws and the voice and rights of the residents.  Here are the stories found online.

"Bridgeport business owners could sue to block township trail"

"Bridgeport Charter Township going to court over tax petitions"

 "Bridgeport Township Supervisor addresses recall petition"

"Calling Them Out: It's in everyone's best interest for voters to decide special assessment in Bridgeport Township"

"Bridgeport Township supervisor battles recall election, county clerk says ballots can't be altered with election eight days away"

"Bridgeport Township supervisor seat to remain vacant until November election"

"Bridgeport Township business owners fight to stop work on bridge, path project"

"Judge orders work to stop on park near Bridgeport's State Street Bridge"

"Case involving State Street Bridge project in Bridgeport to go to trial"

"Police, fire millage on ballot for Bridgeport Township voters"

"Bridgeport Township resident files petitions to recall entire township board"

"Saginaw County Sheriff's Deputy shows up at Bridgeport polling location"

"Winchell to critics: Bridgeport Township recall allegations are 'community killing poisons'"

"Four up for recall in Bridgeport Township"

"Accusations fly in wake of Bridgeport board recall"

"Judge: Bridgeport business owners can sue for damages in restored State Street Bridge case"

"Saginaw County judge to decide what type of damages Bridgeport business owners can claim in State Street Bridge case"

"Jury awards damages to Bridgeport store owners who sued over State Street Bridge relocation"

"Letter: Bridgeport Township officials should be ashamed at the way they've treated citizens"

"Judge awards more than $100K in attorney fees, costs to Bridgeport store owners who sued over State Street Bridge relocation"

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