Thursday, March 27, 2014

Felony Complaint Report filed by the Bridgeport Police Department against Mr. Mark Adams

Here is a copy of the police report filed by Chief David Duffett concerning the arrest and charges against Mr. Adams.
The recording of the events in this report are not the way that I remember things happened. Maybe it all comes down to having "Powers of Observation", if the police chief had any he should have been able to tell that contrary to his statement on page 5 that "At the end of the Youtube video, an unknown female is heard saying, "This will be on the internet tonight, which is what he wanted", it is actually two different people with two different voices.  One person says "This will be on the internet tonight" and the other person says "That's what he wanted".  Combining the two statements made by different people changes the context of those statements.  The person that says "That's what he wanted" was merely stating her opinion, not a fact.
I guess this whole incident comes down to each person's perception of the incident. Perception of what constitutes "aggressive", "assault", "batter", "wound", "resist", "obstruct", "endanger";  the only incidences of those behaviors I witnessed were being inflicted upon Mr. Adams by the police, not the other way around.

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