Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Finance Committee Meeting January 8th, 2018

- Meeting starts with some budget updates by Melissa Cabine, including discussion about the sinking fund money
- Discussion with R.C. Hendrick & Son Co. about repair plans for the monies received from the sinking fund that was passed in November 2017 begins at 2:15
- Discussion of other finance and building & grounds business starts around 47:30
- Discussion of the Superintendent search begins at about 1:02:00
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Sadly I will start off 2018 with again having to apologize for the poor sound quality of the school board meetings.  When you are standing in the room and cannot even hear all the conversation, there is almost no chance you will be able to pick it up on the video.  I uploaded this once to YouTube but you could not hear it.  I did spend hours and hours redoing the video and made some improvement to the sound quality.  This is the best I can do since they will not use microphones and a speaker.
I did also have to "alter" this video by cutting out the last two minutes.  I am not sure when the meeting was officially adjourned because other people started entering the room and so all you can hear is a variety of voices and the camera had gotten bumped and was not focused on the board members any longer.

I feel the most important part of this meeting was the meeting with Chip Hendrick and the discussion for plans for the repair work that needs to be done in our school district.  I was shocked in November 2017 when the sinking fund passed by only 4 votes.  I am still irritated at the result, but very thankful to all the residents that voted yes for our students!  I hope every Bridgeport resident will take the time and listen to this discussion about the plans for the sinking fund and all the needs that our schools have.  I believe it was back in 2013 that Mr. Hendrick said he had prepared an estimate for the needed repairs and it far exceeded the possible 8 million dollars that the sinking fund will bring in over the next 10 years.  Some of those repairs have possibly been done since 2013, but I imagine there are new repairs that are needed now and I imagine that those costs have also risen since 2013.

They do talk about the search for a new School Superintendent since Mrs. Carol Selby will be retiring after the end of this school year.

On a mischievous note:  I should remind Robert Lange and John Rhines that notes passed between board members are FOIAable.  :-)

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