Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting December 6th, 2016

On the agenda:
Unfinished Business -
- 2nd Reading of the Zoning Ordinance 16-02 begins at 4:25
New Business -
- Resolution R16-16 WWTP Rates and Fees begins at 5:03
- Resolution R16-17 Dixie Highway Road Improvements begins at 7:48
- Resolution R16-18 Storm Water Management Plan begins at 9:22
- Zoning Ordinance 16-02 begins at 13:52
- Fiscal Year 2017 Water Budget begins at 14:56
- Fiscal Year 2017 Waste Water Treatment Plant Budget begins at 16:21
- SPU16-03 - 6595 Dixie Highway - Speedway begins at 17:09
- SPU16-04 - 5959 Dixie Highway - Gales begins at 24:03
- PA495 Policy 16-01 begins at 25:45
- Detective and Sergeant Job Description begins at 27:33
- Job Description/Police Sergeant Policy 10.10.04 begins at 28:46
- McAllister vs. Bridgeport Township discussion begins at 30:08
Board Member Comments begin at 38:05
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There were no speakers during the public comment period in tonight's meeting.
The updated Zoning Ordinance 16-02 was approved at tonight's meeting.  It was first discussed in more detail at the November 1st meeting.  Now that it has been approved it will at some point in the future be posted on their website.
Dan Billingsley the plant superintendent from the waste water treatment plant discussed the cost study they did.  It will result in about a 10% increase in the rates to consumers.  It will become effective at the 1st of the new year.  If anyone has any questions about it or would like to see the study, contact the township offices.  I think some people just take our water and sewerage facilities and the handling of these for granted.  I don't.  I think there is a lot of hard work by the employees and technology that goes into the critically important job of safe handling of our water, sewage and even storm water management.
There was discussion of the Dixie Highway Road Improvements.  This was discussed at one of the DDA Board meetings that I missed.  It sounds exciting!  It would involve the section of Dixie Highway from Airport Rd. to Junction Rd. and include a center turn lane.  For anyone that has been in an accident or near accident on this section of road, this is going to be a big improvement. They are working on funding for this project right now and hopefully it will be discussed more at the DDA Board Meeting on December 14th. 
There was a presentation by Speedway of their plans for expansion and updating of their location here in Bridgeport by I-75.  It will include the removal of the abandoned facility located next to the station.  The plans sound really nice!  And anytime you talk about having more green space, I am all for it.  I believe work on this project will start in the spring of 2017.  Another step towards making Bridgeport more beautiful.
Gales Auto Repair will be expanding to include another location here on the Dixie for larger vehicle repairs.  Gales has a Facebook page -
There was discussion about and approval of PA495 Policy 16-01.  It is also referred to as the "Fire Insurance Withholding Program".  It is a statewide program.  The Libertarian in me automatically bristles at something like this, but I understand why they participate in this program.  You can find more information on this program on the Michigan State Government website,5269,7-303-13648-260234--,00.html
Lastly there was a detailed discussion about the township settling the McAllister vs Bridgeport Township lawsuit.  I don't know any details about the actual lawsuit so I can't speak on that but I will say that I agree with their decision to settle the lawsuit. I have only been selected once for jury duty and it was for a criminal case.  That trial left a bad impression on me of our jury system and my opinion now is never have any kind of trial by jury.  In today's society common sense seems to be a thing of the past, ethics and morals also seem to be long gone.  Too often when I read about the results of court cases my reaction is something like WTH?  Were these jurors on drugs?  Illiterate?  Have a personal bias?  Having a trial by jury is kind of like going to a casino, the odds are not in your favor and the risk of loss is too high to gamble on.  Settling this lawsuit was probably the safest bet for Bridgeport.
During the board member comments Rose Licht gave some updates.  Always informative like usual.
There will be another Township Trustee Board Meeting on Tuesday December 20th.
Sadly I learned that one of our police officers will be leaving us.  Officer Brent Green will be taking a position in Bay City.  He is a great guy and Bay City is lucky to be getting him.  I wish him all the best in his new position!
Rose also talked about how someone cut down four of the pine trees in the MDOT Park & Ride parking lot located next to I-75.  Really?  How low do you have to be to steal those pine trees?  And did they steal them to sell for Christmas Trees?  Do they even understand the true meaning of Christmas?

This Christmas song is dedicated to the lowlife that stole the pine trees:

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