Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bridgeport School Board Finance Committee Meeting October 21st, 2015

There were no microphones at this meeting so you will probably need to turn the volume up. There is a lot of great discussion at this meeting.
They start the meeting with a discussion of the Administrator contracts that were discussed at the last regular board meeting.
At 17:15 in the video they discuss the bill proposed by State Senator Ken Horn and the possibility of having to hold a millage election in May 2016.
At 21:25 they discuss the enrollment update figures and the changes that will happen when the Michigan State Treasury takes over monitoring the schools in deficit status.
At 29:45 they discuss proposed changes/concessions and the loss of students.
At 39:56 they discuss looking at outsourcing some jobs.
At 1:10:00 they discuss Thomas White Elementary School, possibly closing it and moving the children to Atkins, and some general discussion.
At 1:21:44 is a Building & Grounds update. They also discuss some possible future plans for Schluckebier and Schrah school buildings, Bridge Fest, also the old school building on Sherman St. At about 1:36:25 I had to change batteries so there is a brief break in the video.
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Surprisingly I don't have much to say about the meeting.  Bridgeport is facing some serious problems, and I was glad to see everyone at the meeting working together and having some serious discussions about ways to keep this school district going.  I knew when the enrollment figures were released from this years count and Bridgeport had lost students, that it meant there would be some financial loss also.  I never even imagined that the loss would be that great, a loss of close to $600,000 is a very big hurt for the school district.  The school board members, administrators, staff, all have a lot of work to do and some very tough decisions to make and I hope that Bridgeport residents will get behind them and support whatever decisions they make.  I hope people will take the time to listen to the entire meeting, I think everyone really needs to hear what they discussed.  I used a pair of headphones at home when I reviewed the video, it helps to pick up this poor audio.

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