Monday, February 9, 2015

Bridgeport Township School Board Meeting February 9th, 2015

On tonight's agenda:
- Citizen Participation - public comments from John Rhines and Larry Brown, begins at :46 in the video
- Committee Reports begin at 12:40
- Student and Teacher Recognition begins at 20:20
- Minutes and Personnel Report begins at 30:19
- Priority School Quarterly Report begins at 30:59
- Acting Superintendent's Report begins at 34:45
- Board Member Comments begin at 44:03

Congratulations to the students and teachers for their well deserved awards!!  I was sorry to see that another long time teacher is leaving the schools.
Three board members were absent this evening, Dempsey Allen, Robert Lange and Jay Bruns.
John Rhines was the first speaker during the public comment period.  He had a list of questions and concerns he wanted to address.  He ran over the 3 minute time limit and was cut off before he could finish.  He had some very valid questions and points that should concern all parents and concerned residents.  These questions and concerns should be addressed publicly by the school board!
Larry Brown also spoke and there are still problems that sound like they are not being addressed.  He has some good points and good suggestions.  One of the problems they are still having is a paper shortage.  They need plain white printer paper.  Maybe there are individuals or businesses that could donate to help with the paper problem.

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