Friday, December 10, 2021

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting December 7th, 2021

 On the Agenda:
Adoption of Agenda begins at 1:05
Approval of Minutes - November 3rd, 2021 Regular Meeting begins at 1:34
Special Orders:
1.  1st Reading Ordinance 21-04 Zoning Text Amendment - Drug Rehab Facilities begins at 2:04
Public Comments begin at 3:17
New Business:
1.  R21-11 Resolution Saginaw Area Storm Water Authority (SASWA) Apportionment begins at 15:42
2.  R21-19  Resolution Healthcare Employer/Employee begins at 18:20
3.  R21-20 Consumers Energy Streetlight Contract begins at 19:27
4.  Brush Contract begins at 20:52
Accounts Payable Checks 68887 through 69065 for $490,853.43 begins at 23:16
Police Department Report begins at 24:09
Fire Department Report begins at 24:59
Manager's Report begins at 26:27
Board Member Comments begin at 30:09

The Zoning Text Amendment for Drug Rehab Facilities sounds like it is just from a review and they saw there needed to be a update to that.  This is a good policy here.  It will apply to Drug Rehab Facilities, Halfway Houses, and Incarceration Facilities.  The amendment states that these facilities "Must be separated from any school, playground, park or church by a distance of at least one thousand (1,000) feet as measured from any point on the respective property lines."  This will also apply in reverse, no school, playground, park, or church can be built with 1,000 feet of these facilities.

The two resolutions are basically just yearly business thingys. There has been a new streetlight installed on King Rd. so they have to do a contract with Consumers Energy for that. Boring stuff there. 
They approved a new 3 year Brush Contract with Heart Tree Service from Bridgeport.  Heart has done our brush pickup in the past and I was always impressed with those hard working crews!  If I load them up with all the brush I hope to this coming summer, I probably should bake them some cookies or give them a good tip!!

The police department had 665 service calls for the month of November.  Chief Duffett wanted to remind residents that there is usually an increase in larcenies this time of year so residents need to be sure cars and homes are locked up.
The fire department had 114 calls, year to date they have had 1,377 calls, they are 188 calls ahead of the same time in 2020, and are on track to receive 1,400 calls which will be a new record. Two department members resigned since last month.  The fire department is still recruiting for on call firefighters. 
The Bridgeport police and fire departments, along with other area agencies have teemed with Meijer's  to provide meals and presents for local families in need. 

From the Manager's report:  The Saginaw County Road Commission will be filling in a sinkhole over on Towerline by Snowberry.  The cost will be split 50/50 with the township. In the summer of 2022 there will be chip sealing done on the roadways of  Fort, King, Moore, Curtis, and Blackmar Rds.   
They are still seeking applicants for the Citizens Advisory Committee.  They will be meeting approximately 3 to 5 times in the first half of 2022.  The deadline to submit your application is December 15th.   The manager also provides many other updates that are of interest to our community. Would you like to know what they are?  Guess you will have to listen to her yourself. More residents really should, but few will. 

There is something else I would like to address that concerns the public comments made at this months meeting and also the township board meeting from November 3rd.  I have wanted to comment on this since November 3rd, but have refrained because it might have been too brutal for the faint of heart here in our community.  I will try to keep this short and civil.
Let's start with some facts about the voters in our township.  We have approximately  8,612 registered voters, and only 1,599 bothered to show up to vote on November 2nd.  That is only 18.57% of the registered voters.  Way To Go Bridgeport!!  The millage lost by only 141 votes.  That is about 1.6% of the registered voters in this township.  I am sorry to tell you, But That Does Not Make A  Mandate for this township.  I truly believe that if more voters would have turned out, it would have passed, and I believe it will pass in the future.
A young man at the November 3rd meeting was upset that the township would immediately say that they would put the measure on a future ballot, and that they blamed "The Nebulus Boogeyman Of Social Media Misinformation" for the vote failing.  Has anyone read the nasty, petty, ignorant, and total misinformation that is put out on social media from our charming Bridgeport residents, especially concerning the Municipal Township Office Complex?  I can barely stand to read it and I usually quit before finishing.  I won't tell you everything I think when I read the garbage out there, but here are a few examples: What!?!?  How stupid are you?  Where did you pull that trash nonsense from?  Get a brain!  Get A Life! Try reading some facts and figures for a change!!  Maybe some therapy would help you with your anger and delusion problems!  Those are just the polite thoughts that cross my mind.  
I won't waste my time, or yours, telling you every example of "misinformation" I see posted concerning Bridgeport whenever I make the mistake of reading the nasty threads about Bridgeport on social media.  Too much to cover there, and it is still being posted online.  
There was a specific article I believe the young man on November 3rd was referring to, it is this MLive article:
BTW, I think Augie Tausend did a good job of responding to this young mans concerns in the November 3rd meeting and I hope residents will listen to it.   
I didn't find anything wrong with the article, instead I saw things like this statement:  “In all likelihood, we’ll need to place this back on the ballot in a future election, and hopefully, we can do a better job of combating misinformation and educating the community on the need for the new offices.”
That is what I would expect from a leader.  I have been here for over 50 years and have watched and listened all those years, and I know exactly what residents would be saying if they didn't try to bring this back to the voters:  "It only lost by a few votes!  And they're going to just let it drop.  We need leaders that will take action!!"
There are a few things the young man on November 3rd said that I agree with.  We have some good people in our community.  Hard working people that are struggling financially right now, some are over burdened by taxes.  I understand why they would vote no and if I was in their shoes, I might have voted no also.  It sounds like the people hit with the drain taxes recently are really hurting.  The future right now is uncertain, especially financially for many people, so I do understand and am sympathetic to some of those that voted no. 
There was another speaker at the November 3rd meeting and he offered up the suggestion of the citizens getting together with the township government to offer their concerns and suggestions, and find a way to work together on this issue for the future.  I think that Augie Tausend and Adrianna Jordan gave good responses to these concerns that the speakers brought up at this meeting.
For anyone that didn't see the November 3rd meeting, you can view it here:

One of the gentlemen that spoke during the public comment section at the November 3rd meeting also spoke at this meeting and had a different tone. I won't say much about it except that I disagreed with what he said and his tone.  And again I think that Augie Tausend and Adrianna Jordan gave a good response.  One thing he said was a suggestion I think that maybe the township should mail out postcards to every resident in this township to notify them about the Citizen Advisory Committee. That would cost thousands and thousands of dollars most likely.  And knowing our residents, there would be some bitching about the cost of them doing that.  The residents of this township will bitch no matter what they do, bitch if they do, bitch if they don't.  It is a no win situation!
The township has been trying to get this information out there to the public by various methods.  For those residents that don't go online to their website, get the email updates from the township, don't drive and see the notice posted on the electronic sign, there is always the Birch Run Bridgeport Herald.  The Herald does feature much of the news the residents need in the weekly paper.  If you can't make it to the store, they also offer home delivery through the mail service of the paper.  I feel that the residents have to make a effort to keep themselves informed.   

Just a few comments about some of the things I have read from residents online. 
-- Their Constant Contact email service is a good service for the residents;  Oh, you say you "don't do their email"?  Stay ignorant then, no one cares!
-- A Pole Barn! You seriously said that the township should build a pole barn for the new township municipal complex?  I am still rolling my eyes at that one!! Nothing would say to potential future residents, businesses looking to relocate here, or investors, "Come Here For A Brighter And More Prosperous Future" like a friggin pole barn!!  If you truly want a pole barn for your community offices, then I suggest you move to a township with a few hundred residents, then you can have your pole barn, and that is all you will ever have there.  Small minds think small.  
-- "The township needs to come to us, come to where we are!!"  It is going to be hard to keep this one polite.....  I found that arrogance astounding.  No They Don't have to come to "where you are"!!  Since they are nicer than I am, they probably would have done that if someone had worked to make that happen.  Did you contact them and say "Hey, we're having some softball tournaments or whatever and I think this would be a good place for you to come and talk to residents"?  I have my doubts that anyone put forth an effort like that.  The township tried reaching out in many ways to the public and tried to get the public to interact with them.  How many residents do we have?  Around 9,000?  A whopping 475 residents I think could be bothered to respond to their initial survey concerning the municipal complex.  They held open houses for the public to come to and see the plans, discuss your ideas or concerns.  They said that the residents could stop by anytime I believe to talk with them and look around.  I think the Fire Department also said that residents could call them or stop by and discuss it with them.  Residents can always call the offices, send emails, send letters to voice your concerns or ask questions.  There are board meetings every month and the public is Welcome to come,  few can be bothered to. They sent out mailers.  They used the constant contact email service to notify residents.  Information was posted on social media, posted on their website.  Information about the plans were in the Herald, I believe the Saginaw News, MLive online.  Maybe it was even on the nightly broadcast news?  The township made  the effort I feel to reach out, but it is a two way street; the residents have to make the effort to be informed and interact back with the township. If the residents can't be bothered or don't care, then I personally would tell them....."....".  

Their plan for the proposed municipal complex; it isn't a luxury dream, it is a necessity for the needs of this community.  I would actually like to see it bigger.  My motto: Go Big or Go Home!  Residents bitch online that this community is dead, it will never grow, etc...  I believe this municipal complex is not just a necessity, it is an investment in our community, investment in our future. If residents are not willing to step up in many different ways for our community, and also invest in our community, it will never grow.

Well I blew the "keeping it short' part here so I might as well post one last thing while I am on my "restrained roll" here:  
To you Bridgeport residents that I have been reading for years online, that constantly trash talk our Bridgeport students and our schools, I Find You Disgusting!!  And that is the polite version of what I really think of you.  Do any of you fearless keyboard trash talkers ever step up to do anything to make our district better, to help our students?  Volunteer?  Donate time or money?  I didn't think so!  And those "Out Of District" students that come to Bridgeport Schools that you were complaining about the other day online -- They are Bridgeport students, they are our students, our children, our responsibility! I don't care about some stupid imaginary boundary lines, and I surely don't care about their skin color.  We should want all of our students to thrive in every way.  We should want our school district to thrive.  If you can't support our students and our district, then please just shut up and spare the rest of us from having to listen to your ignorance!

Thursday, December 9, 2021

November 2021 Bridgeport Township Check Register

The check registers for the township are a matter of public record.  They have copies available at every township board meeting and I believe you can go to the township offices and request to see a copy.  I provide these copies here for any resident that is interested in being informed and can't make it to meetings or the offices.  You can learn a lot about how this township operates just from looking at the check register.  If you have questions about any items on there you can call the offices and someone will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Click on each image to view a larger version:

Page 1  

Page 2  

Page 3  

Page 4  

Page 5  

Page 6  

Page 7  

Page 8  

Bridgeport DDA Meeting November 10th, 2021

On the Agenda:
Approval of Agenda begins at 0:45
Approval of Minutes - October 13th, 2021 begins at 1:07
New Business:
1.  Beautification Sub Committee Report begins at 2:25
2.  2022 Meeting Schedule begins at 5:08
3.  DDA Grant Program - add Demolition Section begins at 6:20
4.  Herbert Roofing DDA Grant Request begins at 9:29
Old Business:
1.  Lamplighter Flower Shop begins at 14:19
2.  RRC/MEDC Update - CEDAM Fellowship - Michelle McGregor begins at 15:18
3.  Economic Development Plan and Studies Update begins at 18:55
DDA Coordinators Report begins at 21:00

First let me apologize for being about 28 days late in posting this meeting!  I got it onto YouTube and then shared it on my Carla Citizen Facebook because I couldn't get to the blog post right away.  Then I just forgot about it.  Note that I always put the meeting videos up on YouTube before I post them anywhere else, so check there first.

First up for discussion from the Beautification Committee was the flower pots that beautifully adorn our township.  Sadly Abele's can no longer provide the service of delivering the pots each year and then picking them back up in the fall.  So the DDA will be working with other departments from the township and do that themselves.  They will be going down to about 65 pots instead of the 100+ pots they have been doing.  The pots will go from I-75 down to Gretchen St and Dixie.  Also they will put them at the bridge area, the township offices, and the North Gateway area. They also talk about the Asphalt Art project they are working on bringing to our community.  Looking at doing it around the bridge area first.  I have checked out that project online and it is some beautiful artwork.
The last topic from the Beautification Committee is the Earth Day Community Cleanup that will be held on Friday, April 22nd, 2022. I will have to clarify the date of the cleanup because looking at the calendar, it looks like Thursday the 22nd is Earth Day; Friday is the 23rd.  They are looking to get volunteers from the community residents, businesses, and maybe the schools.  They will be providing dumpsters and will include tires, also maybe looking at disposal of mattresses.

They also updated their DDA  Façade Grant Program to include demolition. They also awarded the grant to Herbert Roofing.  Herbert Roofing will be demolishing the old house that sits between their business building and Drakes Bar.  
Next up was the announcement that they have purchased the Lamplighter Flower Shop.  They have made the first payment on it and will make the final payment in March 2022, then they will take possession of the property.

Some updates from Michelle McGregor and Township Manager Adrianna Jordan on the various projects/studies like the Capital Improvement Plan they are working on, and they have received a total of $100,000 in grant money to help with these.
Updates from the DDA Coordinator Bill Wheeler, he also talked about the cleanup work that was just completed at the old Gobeyn's Service Station.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting November 8th, 2021

On the Agenda:
Citizen Participation begins at 0:30
Agenda Adjustments begin at 11:52
Saginaw Area Storm Water Authority Discussion & Resolution Adoption begins at 12:00
Consent Agenda Approval begins at 15:25
Closed Session begins at 17:40
Return from Closed Session begins at 21:53
Superintendent Updates begin at 24:06

Sandra Popp Bauman, a retired Bridgeport school teacher, spoke during the citizen participation period.  There is a memorial for a Schluckebier teacher, Deanna McVittie, that is located between the Schrah and Schluckebier schools and citizens would like to save that memorial and have it moved over near the Popp School House in the Bridgeport Historical Society's  historical village.  They also discussed other possible historical items from the two schools.  Sadly both  Schrah and Schluckebier schools will be torn down, sounds like the process will start around December 1st.  I loved going to those schools.  I read on a Facebook post that a 1st grade class had buried a time capsule by the schools.  Does anyone know anything about that?  Would be nice if they could save that also.

They held a closed session to deal with the suspension of a student.  The school is justified in taking that action, the priority should always be the other students and the schools.  I just found it sad that any student has trouble in their life, especially to the extent that they are suspended from school.  In my opinion, the 3 main foundations for a child's future is their Parent/family, Church, and School.  For some children their last hope is the schools. 

During the Superintendent updates, he discussed the latest Covid statistics for the school system.  Other updates were about fiber-optic cables that will be going to the athletic facility and grounds.  That is going to be a really nice upgrade!!  
He also talked about a ESSER Fund survey that will be going out later this week.  ESSER Funds come from monies that were allotted by congress for Education Stabilization Fund through the Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund).
The schools are also a partner in the Community Christmas giving event.  They will be helping families with needs this holiday season.  You can go to any of these 5 locations and select a tag from the tree, Birch Run Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce, Birch Run Premium Outlets, LaFontaine Ford in Birch Run, Iwen Tool Supply in Bridgeport, and the Bridgeport Township Hall (assuming they mean the township governmental center).  The Bridgeport schools also do their own Thanksgiving meals and Christmas giving events.

Another item the Superintendent discussed was the latest mandate coming from OSHA for the Covid 19 vaccinations. This discussion starts at 37:05 in the video.  It would affect the employees of the Bridgeport School system and they discussed the affects this could have on the school system.
The last item discussed was updates to the shot put and discus pits for the athletic field.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting November 3rd, 2021

On the Agenda:
Approval of Agenda begins at 0:54
Approval of Minutes - October 5th, 2021 begins at 1:16
Special Orders:
1.  Public Hearing for 2022 General Fund Budget begins at 1:51
2.  Public Hearing for Zoning Ordinances 21-02 Text Amendments - Food Trucks begins at 2:37
Public Comments begin at 3:25
Unfinished Business:
1.  Resolution R21-12 General Fund Budget & Appropriation Act FY 2022 begins at 21:07
2.  Ordinance 21-03 General Power Ordinance Food Trucks begins at 22:08
New Business:
1.  2022 Fiscal Year Budgets begins at 23:36
2.  Police Officer Oath of Office Mary Buszek begins at 24:46
3.  Resolution R21-13 2021 Special Assessment for Street Lights begins at 27:50
4.  Resolution R21-16 Police Protection Safety Resolution begins at 29:06
5.  Resolution R21-17 Fire Protection Public Safety Resolution begins at 29:58
6.  Resolution R21-18 Township Foreclosed Property begins at 30:51
7.  Zoning Ordinance 21-02 Text Amendments - Food Trucks begins at 31:35
8.  2022 Township Board Meeting Schedule begins at 32:08
9.  2022 Township Holiday Schedule begins at 33:45
10.  2022  Township Attorneys begins at 34:20
11.  2022 Financial Institutions begins at 34:44
Accounts Payable Checks 68757 through 68886  $328,077.76 begins at 35:05
Police Department Report begins at 35:41
Fire Department Report begins at 38:08
Managers Report begins at 41:40
Board Member Comments begin at 47:40 

First let me start by Welcoming the newest member of our township police department, Mary Buszek!  She is our second female officer and she brings our force to full capacity.
There are seldom members of the public in attendance at any of the board meetings in this township.  It is usually just a few regulars and employees, but since meetings have reopened there seem to be a few more members of the public in attendance.  A few is better than none I guess, and several actually spoke during the public comment period. I will be commenting on that in a separate post. 
I think most of the items voted on in this meeting are the items they have to do / re-do every year.  The one item that caught my attention was Resolution R21-13 2021 Special Assessment for Street Lights.  That will be increasing 9.75%.  I meant to ask about that after the meeting but I got distracted.  Sorry!  I am assuming that it is based on rates from Consumers going up?  If I find any more information about it I will pass it on.

Probably the two most important updates for residents to hear are the ones from the Police Department and the Fire Department.  The police department had 761 calls for the month of October, up from 609 calls for the month of September.  One of our new officers had a traffic stop which resulted in her getting a wanted felon & and stolen gun off our streets!!  Another of our officers is investigating the homicide at the Marathon station.  We may be a small town, with small minded and at times petty people, but our officers do come across some of the worst of society and they keep our small town safe. 
The fire department had 124 calls for the month of October which puts them at 1,242 calls for the year so far, which is 209 calls more than this time last year.  The fire chief also gave an update on the current staffing levels.  The fire department also helps to keep our small town safe and protect our lives.
I think it is time that the residents of our township show our police and fire departments the grateful respect they deserve!!
One sad note is that because of covid requirements, both the fire department and the historical society have decided to not hold the Pioneer Christmas & Santa events this year.

All residents should also listen to our Township Managers report.  I won't try to recap her update verbatim, residents just need to listen to it.  She gives updates about the election, grants they are seeking, grants they have received, economic development plans, looking at housing studies etc...  Maybe if more residents would actually pay attention to what the township government is doing, not just the rumors and opinions they read online, then maybe they could get involved, give them feedback.  That would be better than just bitching about things after they happen and definitely better than posting things online when you don't actually know what you are talking about.

Several things I forgot to add:

Everyone should follow our newest board members Facebook page.  He has lots of good information he shares there that would be of interest to everyone, especially of interest to our youth.  I am hopeful about his future on our board.

Everyone should also follow the Facebook page of the Saginaw County Clerks Office.  If you ever need to find information about elections in our township, it looks like this is the only place you may find it.

It is time to get in those nominations for the Birch Run/Bridgeport Chambers Best Of Awards, and the chamber will be holding a Christmas for the Community event where they will help families in need in our community.  Links to both events are on their Facebook page:

October 2021 Bridgeport Township Check Register

The check registers for the township are a matter of public record.  They have copies available at every township board meeting and I believe you can go to the township offices and request to see a copy.  I provide these copies here for any resident that is interested in being informed and can't make it to meetings or the offices.  You can learn a lot about how this township operates just from looking at the check register.  If you have questions about any items on there you can call the offices and someone will be more than happy to answer your questions.  If more people would take the time to look at things like the check register, or even the financial sections on the township website, then they would know things like the fact that the township does not use the former church building for free, but do actually pay a monthly rent for it.  

Maybe if people would take the time to look at the website they would know what the actual income and expenditures are for the township.  They have a section called Citizens Dashboard, you can go there and click on the section for Bridgeport Township Financials.  Click there and you will see their sections:
Figures are from 2020


Now back to the check register:

Click on each image to view a larger version

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bridgeport Township DDA Meeting October 13th, 2021

 On the Agenda:
Approval of Agenda begins at 0:48
Approval of Minutes - September 8th, 2021 begins at 1:05
1.  Beautification Sub Committee Report begins at 1:40
2.  2022 Budget begins at 4:38
3.  Capitol Stone Works Façade Grant Request begins at 5:46
1.  Dixie Hwy Project Completion begins at 8:36
2.  RRC / MEDC Update – CEDAM Fellowship begins at 9:20
3.  Economic Development Plan and Studies Update begins at 10:19
DDA MEMBER COMMENTS begin at 20:00

One sad bit of news came from the Beautification Sub Committee.  Abele's will no longer be able to place and then pick back up the flower pots each year so the township would need to find other means to get that done, and the cost will be $30 more per pot.  The beautification sub committee will be having more meetings to come up with a solution for this.  
The community Fall Cleanup will be moved to next spring, probably around April 29th & 30th, 2022.

They awarded another grant for a local business to spruce up their building. I can't remember what year they started doing this and wanted to share some information for businesses that may want to apply, but I can't find any information about it on their website.  Some parts of the township website are up to date and very informative, other parts haven't been updated in years.

There were some informative updates by the Township Manager, the DDA Coordinator, and the Township Supervisor about Economic Developement plans etc....

In case anyone was wondering about the work that has been done at the closed Gobeyn's Service Station, it is an environmental  cleanup.  They mention it briefly here in this meeting.

I see residents bitching online about the empty buildings here in Bridgeport and the DDA Coordinator mentions here an update on the empty hotel situation.  I don't think that most residents realize that to get these empty buildings properly dealt with, burned out homes etc... can take years of paperwork, court cases, legal fees etc...  Maybe if more residents would attend the meetings, or at least give these videos a listen, or even contact the township government, they would understand how much work the township does on these problems and how long the process can take; but then I guess they couldn't go online and bitch about things they don't actually know about.

There are always little bits of good information here and there in these meetings, and it is worth it to residents to take the time to listen to the whole meetings.

Bridgeport Spaulding School Board Meeting October 11th, 2021

I attended my first school board meeting in over 2 years and was excited to share it, but I had audio problems so no video of the meeting to share.  It was a great meeting!!  It was the kind you walk away from feeling happy and positive about the future of our school district.  There are so many improvements happening in our district, exciting things.  I don't know if most of the residents are even aware of everything going on in our schools.  

I can't remember everything that was discussed word for word from the meeting, but one thing I can share is the audit report which was very positive.  The school has a good website with a lot of information on there for the community to see.  The transparency section is full of reports  Transparency Reporting 

And there you can find the audit report 2020-21 Financial Statement Audit

The next school board meeting will be on November 8th, and I will be there with my camera, audio working!

For any residents that care to stay updated about our school district, here are links to their website and some Facebook pages to follow:

Bridgeport Spaulding Community School District

These are the Facebook pages for the schools:

Bridgeport High School

Martin G. Atkins Middle School

Martin G. Atkins Elementary School

Thomas White Elementary School

Monday, October 11, 2021

Bridgeport Township Board Meeting October 5th, 2021

 On the Agenda:
Approval of Agenda begins at 1:02
Approval of Minutes - September 7th, 2021 begins at 1:27
Special Orders:
1. Set Public Hearing for 2022 General Fund Budget for Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021  begins at 2:10
2. Set Public Hearing for Zoning Ordinance 21-02 Text Amendments - Food Trucks for Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 begins at 3:33
1. Introduction of CEDAM Fellowship employee Michelle McGregor begins at 5:05
New Business:
1. Board Appointment of Brandell Adams begins at 9:57
2. Police Officer Oath of Office Larrisa Fuester begins at 15:33
3. Police Power Ordinance Food Trucks begins at 18:00
4. Equipment Purchase - Bobcat begins at 21:08
5. Exmark Mower Update begins at 23:00
6. Firearm Disposal begins at 23:56
Accounts Payable Checks 68639 through 68756 $811,812.17 begins at 25:18
Police Department Report begins at 27:38
Fire Department Report begins at 30:15
Manager's Report begins at 33:00
Board Member Comments begin at 39:07

I would like to start with a big Welcome to Michelle McGregor, Brandell Adams, and our newest police officer Larrisa Fuester!  Good Job Chief Duffett on our newest officer, I like her!!

There is a lot of information in this meeting and lots to comment on, but I will just focus on just the appointment of our newest board member, Brandell Adams.

It sounds like Augie Tausend  says that no other community members applied for the open board seat?  He talks about how we are a small community and have problems recruiting people to be involved.  He mentions that the notice was sent out in their constant contact email service about the open board position. The only "notice" I could find was a mention in the minutes from the September 7th board meeting that Heather Wilson was resigning her seat on the board.  So I guess if residents read the minutes from the meeting they would be aware of the open board seat.  I saw an article in the Birch Run/Bridgeport Herald about the opening on the board, about two weeks before they were planning on filling the position.  Maybe if the township had put in a bit more effort to reach out to the residents there would have been more applicants?  I tried to reach out to as many township residents as I could to let them know there was an opening on the board.  Just one of my posts reached over 1,000 of our fellow residents.  I find it very disappointing if it is true that no residents applied for that board seat.  Augie Tausend said that Mr. Adams has worked on elections with him so they know each other.  Augie said though that the clincher for him in selecting Mr. Adams for our board was his endorsement for the position by Vanessa Guerra.  Vanessa Guerra was briefly a member of our township board.  She left before her term was up here on our board to become a Michigan Representative for the 95th district.  If I remember correctly, she was absent often from our board meetings and never had much to say when she was here.  My impression was that her being on our board was nothing more than a launching position for her future political career, to serve herself more than to serve our township.  I could be wrong.  

Mr. Adams seems to be a very involved community member, very involved in outreach and politics.  He does some good things for the entire Saginaw County community.  You can do a simple search on the internet and find tons of information on him, I will share a few here in this post.  It seems to me, just my opinion, that Mr. Adams has an eye on political office for his future.  He ran for Vanessa Guerra's former seat in the Michigan Legislature in 2020 but didn't win.  
Mr. Adams has a Facebook page that our township residents can follow:

His page is very professional and informative.  If Bridgeport residents need to go searching all over the internet for information on any upcoming elections etc... then hopefully they can go to Mr. Adams page to find it.  At least on his page you won't have to deal with personal drama and nasty partisan politics, like on the township clerks page, to find information that should be posted on the township website but hasn't been in the past.  Maybe Mr. Adams can post updated and accurate voting information for the residents like about absentee voting?

Here are a few more links to information about Mr. Adams where you can see his qualifications, education etc..  and all the work he does.  Hopefully Mr. Adams is on our board with intentions to stay, to truly serve our residents, and not just use this position to launch a future political career.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021